Badgers Built For Bounce Back


Wisconsin Stands With 6-2 Record

It has been a depressing two weeks for the Badgers football team. After a huger upset by Illinois on the road and getting trampled by arguably the best team in the nation in Ohio State. It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago the Badgers were ranked 6th in the nation with College Playoff hopes.Now, many Badger fans are left with the same question: What’s next?

As bleak as the future looks, that does not mean that all hope is lost. We are still talking about a team who has one of the best backs in the nation along with one of the top ranked defenses. With a favorable schedule going forward, it is not out of the question for the Badgers to make it back to the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. Tough tests will have to be taken and passed, but it is still a possible reality for this team.

Wisconsin Takes On Iowa For West Showdown

First, the Badgers must erase the last two weeks out of their mind. Learn from it will be key, but the negatives must be eliminated if they want to succeed going forward. Back in Madison this Saturday, the number 18th ranked Hawkeyes come to town. This is the ideal game to show not only themselves, but the nation that this is a talented bunch. It will take everyone on the field to get the win, but a win is what will be needed to keep hopes alive.

As long as Wisconsin keeps pushing forward winning week in and week out, it will set up for the showdown of the year. A revenge game against the Minnesota Gophers will be the matchup to determine it all. As the clear opponent to take away the Badgers spot in the championship game, it will be a true testament for the Badgers to overcome adversity and propel themselves in a New Years Day Bowl game.

Badgers Bowl Eligible Once Again

It is no surprise that Wisconsin has already cliched their way to participating in yet another bowl game. With the hopes of a CFP spot diminished, ideally Wisconsin hopes to make it back to the coveted Rose Bowl. With the future of this season in the air, there is no reason to not look forward to what is to come. Winning the Big Ten West and putting up a fight in the championship game can give us access to the likes of a Rose Bowl. The path to that though will be hard and will count on success every weekend. Do not give up on the Badgers just yet Wisconsin, the best may still be yet to come.


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