Badgers Impress Despite Poll Drops

Recent weeks have shown that the Wisconsin Badgers not only have an opponent on the field, but every person who has a say on their rankings.


Nobody Cares, Work Harder

It is no surprise that in years past the Wisconsin Badgers football team has not received the respect they have deserved. It seems that 2018 is no different. From starting as the 4th best team in the nation, the team as been bumped from the 5th to the 6th within recent weeks. Even though the Badgers have gone into both their regular season games dominating their opponent. As though it may seem that it is the Badgers vs. everyone, to be frank, that is the reality of the team’s situation.

Understanding that there are gaps in the Badgers play that the nation loves to view as reasons to dock them the opportunity to be within the top five of the nation. Badger Nation knows the truth and that is the Wisconsin Badgers are team of strength and skill that can take them to a potential playoff spot. With the talents of Jonathan Taylor being one of the players to watch for a potential Heisman run and a defense that is among one of the best in the country, its no secret the Badgers should feel disrespected.

Victories Are Not Enough

The Badgers have completed two weeks with a win against Western Kentucky 34 to 3 and their latest win against New Mexico 45 to 14. Granted, the Badgers did not cover the spread and those two teams are not exactly power house teams to go against, but it doesn’t make the Badgers play any less credible. These games are meant to build up their confidence and find the areas in which need improvement in order to be ready for conference play. I believe that they have done just that, but it is disheartening to see week after week lose a spot within the rankings. It just shows that winning is not enough for the Badgers to get credit for what they have done, they must go in and dominate week in and week out to fight tooth and nail to make it to the playoffs.

With the news that star wide receiver Danny Davis is set to return this Saturday against BYU, it is yet another threat added to the Badgers offense. A.J. Taylor has done his job as being a go to target on the field, but it will be a game changer to have not only one target, but another one for Alex Hornibrook. Speaking of the Badgers quarterback, the PFF graded Hornibrook the top QB in weeks one and two. Coming from a player who has been questioned on whether or not he can get the job done, it is an impressive step moving forward. If Hornibrook can continue to improve, especially with Davis back on the field, I don’t see how people cannot take notice of what Wisconsin all has to offer.

Long Road Ahead

Do these recent falls in the rankings mean that hope should be lost? Absolutely not! This should make everyone on the team thrive more for showing the world that Wisconsin is legit. With a big game against Iowa a week and half away, that will be the place to start in showing what Wisconsin can do. With Michigan and Penn State also on the schedule, the ranks are for the taking and impressive victories are a must in order to move back into the top four. This is College Football, if anything in the past years has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen. Every other team has their demons to face and a loss can happen at any moment. The road may be long, but if the Badgers play to their full potential, then the journey to the Big 10 Championship will be all worth it.


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