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Badgers Fall To Michigan 38-13

What was supposed to be a game for the ages turned into a nightmare for Wisconsin. As Michigan piked apart their team seam by seam, the Badgers could never find their footing. For a team that had such high hopes at the beginning of the season, the Badgers have now found themselves barely afloat in the top 25 heading into the stretch of their schedule.

Who Takes The Blame

Granted, this season isn’t as grim as all are taking it. What is gut wrenching is knowing where we were in August to where we are now. Heading into the season, Wisconsin was a favorite to potentially reach the CFP, the first in history. With a schedule to help escalate them to the promise land, the Badgers fell flat on their face losing to BYU at home and then being dismantled by the wolverines. It is hard to pin point where exactly this fall comes from, but there are definitely several areas in which give plenty to point the fingers at.

It is time to state the obvious, not having a legit QB behind the line hurts. It hurts beyond the fact that we have one of the most talented offensive lines and running backs in the game. Being able to throw the ball has never been more important and with Alex Hornibrook at the helm, there is no wonder why Wisconsin can’t get it done. What we saw last year from Hornibrook was questionable, but also hopeful. Unfortunately the questions piled up this year and there are too many to answer for. If the Badgers ever want to be a dominate offensive threat, we need a QB to get the job done and unfortunately, Hornibrook isn’t the guy.

Where O’ Where Is The Defense

Last season there was not one team I believed who could compare to what Madison had brewing on the defensive end. With a coordinator who knew what he was doing to a star studded talent in platers, it is head scratching trying to pin point where the gap is. Is it the fact that everyone else has just gotten better or that the Badgers lost a step? It is a little bit of both. A tougher schedule meant preparing more and it doesn’t seem as if that was done. Also, talent was lost, but when one falls off another must step forward.

Do not get me wrong, teams around the nation definitely got better and that is including the up/downs of Michigan. A team who finally found their answer at quarterback prooved too much for Wisconsin. Age is a big factor here as well, with Dixon being one of the only true veterans on the team, it is understandable where they are falling behind. The Badgers have not even faced Penn State yet and Badger Nation is already grimacing at what could come. Not saying there isn’t a chance, but it is acceptable to know that it is slim.

Long Road Ahead

With Illinois at home this weekend for homecoming, it is hoped that this should be a game the Badgers can bounce back. It is hard to say where the Badgers will end up come bowl time, but there will be a bowl. With the season to go, Wisconsin must gather up theirs talent and push past their pride in order to salvage whatever they can. The disappointment might be high, but that shouldn’t take away from the successes to come. What they say is true though, the higher the pedestal, the harder the fall and boy did they fall.

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