Wisconsin Sit Downs: Future Badger Tai Strickland


Tai Strickland is a point guard recruit from St. Petersburg Florida, a current high school senior who will be joining the Badgers next fall. 

Q: What drew you to Wisconsin?

A: I went up on my visit and I was surprised by how nice the campus and city was. The coaches and players were great. The basketball tradition is just amazing.


Q: What drew Wisconsin to you?

A: When they came down they watched me play, raving about my defense and ability to create for others. Then they talked to some of my teachers and advisors looked at my grades. I have been a great student and my grades reflect that and the coaching staff loved that.


A: What were key factors in your recruiting?

A: Keys factors were my comfortability around the program and campus. As well as the players and coaches. The tradition really sold it they are always at the top and in the tournament.


Q: Is there anyone in particular on the Badgers you are looking forward to play with?

A: I’m just ready to get in the gym and play. They are all great people and players. All hungry to improve, and that was a big factor for me I want to work with people who strive for their goals.


Q: What from your highschool career do you think has most prepared you for college?

A: Definitely my ability to adjust to circumstances. I transferred for my senior year and that was different and that prepared me to adjust to new conditions at Wisconsin.


Q: How would you describe your aau experience?

A: Definitely a whole lot of favoritism and survival of the fittest. People push their own players and you have to stay patient. Can’t get caught up in the hoopla, gotta stay humble and keep yourself grounded.


Q: What is your most memorable basketball achievement?

A: Committing to a school is the big one for me, it is all the hard work paying off. It is going to a school playing college basketball and pursuing my dream of a professional career.


Q: How do you think you fit into the backcourt?

A: I feel like I fit perfectly, can come in compete for minutes, I bring a new element, I can get into the lane and create for others. I hit shots and play defense.


Q:Is there a former prominent college player you’d compare your game to?

A: A combination of people, I watch a lot of Mike Conley and John Wall. I take pieces from them and apply it to myself.


Q: What are your strengths as a player?

Strickland will look to contribute immediately to the Badgers next fall. – Photo via zagsblog.com

A: My strengths are being able to do everything on the court, I score, make plays and play defense. I can succeed in any position.

Q: Anything in particular you think you need to improve?

A: Consistency of my jump shot, it is good, with more reps though I believe it can be even better.


Q: Favorite NBA players to watch?  

A: Definitely Kevin Durant, I feel like he is unstoppable, he is unguardable at 7 foot, he is the best scorer in the league in my opinion.


Q: How do you think your Dad being a longtime NBA guy has helped you become a great player?

A: He’s been through the process before and he has helped guide me through. He never put pressure on me, so I’ve been able to follow my own path while he guides me on the way.


Q: Any place in college you are looking forward to playing?

A: Playing at Michigan State, that’s a big time program. I liked them growing up so that will be cool playing against them


Q: Favorite song right now?

A: The entire new J Cole Album.


Q: One thing you looking forward to in Madison?

A: Definitely the gym, having 24/7 access to the gym, literally steps away from it. That will be pretty cool


Q: Best player you ever played against?

A: That is a tough one, Tyrese Maxey.


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