Acquiring Curtis Granderson more than just a ball player


The Brewers acquired Curtis Granderson right before the August 31st waiver trade deadline. The Brewers sent Demi Orimoloye a High-A outfielder to Toronto in return. The Brewers went out to acquire Grandy for 2 reasons. 1. He’s a good left-handed bat off the bench. 2. He brings veteran leadership to the clubhouse. Both attributes are important for any team to have when making a run in October.

Why the Brewers needed a left-handed bat

               Now the Brewers weren’t expecting Grandy to slash .300/.548/.700 when they made this trade, however they were expecting him to give them good quality at-bats. Before acquiring Granderson the Brewers only boasted only 4 left-handed batters. Three of which play just about every day (Travis Shaw, Mike Moustakas, and Christian Yelich), with the fourth being Eric Thames. The move for Granderson was most likely because of the latter. With the emergence of Jesús Aguilar Thames was moved to the outfield. However, a myriad of cringeworthy defense and poor at-bats he went from starting first baseman to right fielder to the bench. Thames’ 34.1% K percentage is the biggest issue. Enter Granderson a veteran bat off the bench who can give you better at-bats than Thames can at the moment.

Why the Brewers (and every contender) need a veteran presence

               Guys like Curtis Granderson are so desirable this time of year, but not just because of their ability to produce on the field. Grandy has been around the majors for a while, 15 seasons to be exact. Granderson has also played in plenty of post-season baseball as well. He’s amassed 237 playoff plate appearances. With 25 of those being in the 2015 World Series with the New York Mets. That type of experience can’t be taught or isn’t a skill, it’s earned over a long illustrious career. A stabilizer like Granderson will help the Brewers avoid too high of highs and too low of lows. He’s in there to keep everyone level-headed and ready to go. Grandy is also a good mentor for the young players on the team. He’s already had a connection mentoring a player in the Milwaukee Organization. He mentors Brewers stud outfield prospect Corey Ray.

               Now the Brewers can’t expect Granderson to keep having such a gaudy slash line. However, they can expect him to keep being a positive influence and have good at-bats. With Granderson the main thing you’re getting is where he’s been and who he is as a person, anything you get on the field is a bonus. No longer are you getting the 40+ homerun power 20+ stolen base speed, but you’re getting Curtis Granderson the mentor.


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