Best Defense vs Best Offense


Being in contention for the playoffs and eventually moving on into the playoffs takes a great offense and defense. The Brewers are in a spot where they have players to fit both of those categories, but do they align. The Brewers have been very successful this season playing with matchups. Moving into the last two weeks of the season and hopefully in the playoffs, they may need to tighten things up a bit.


To give a quick overview, the stats used in this piece will be focusing on manufacturing runs and taking them away from the other team. Here’s the rundown. For offensive stats, there is wOBA (weighted on base average) and wRAA (weighted runs above average). wOBA is fairly common and is similar to OPS. Instead of OBP and SLG being equal, OBP is worth nearly two times than SLG (1.8 be exact). wRAA is how many runs a player contributes to his team above the average 0.


As for defensive stats, there are different ones depending on the position, but the common stat in all is DRS (defensive runs saved). DRS is one of the more generic defensive stats and calculates how many runs a player saves above the average 0. For the outfield, rARM is a great option. It weighs how many extra bases an outfielder takes away with his arm. RZR (revised zone rating) is going to be used for 1B and 3B, it is the proportion of balls hit into the players zone that are turned into outs. For 2B, rGDP (double play runs saved runs above average) which takes into account how many runs a fielder saves above the average 0 by turning double plays. Lastly, the SS stat will be OOZ (out of zone plays made) which is how many plays a fielder makes out of his zone. (Stats as of 9/16)


Top Notch Offense



Player wOBA wRAA
Ryan Braun .316 0.06
Curtis Granderson .350 10.6
Christian Yelich .400 41.2
Keon Broxton .307 -0.05
Lorenzo Cain .367 24.4
Domingo Santana .298 -3
Hernan Perez .300 -3.9



Player wOBA wRAA
Jesus Aguilar .373 24.3
Eric Thames .332 3.8
Hernan Perez .300 -3.9
Jonathan Schoop .293 -8.5
Mike Moustakas .332 8.3
Travis Shaw .347 14.4
Orlando Arcia .240 -19.7
Tyler Saladino .318 0.04


Player wOBA wRAA
Erik Kratz .285 -4.5
Jacob Nottingham .277 -0.7
Manny Pina .301 -3.5


RF- Curtis Granderson, CF-Lorenzo Cain, LF- Christian Yelich, 1B- Jesus Aguilar, 2B- Travis Shaw, SS- Tyler Saladino, 3B- Mike Moustakas, C- Manny Pina


These guys who are in this lineup have definitely earned their spot. When looking at the run producing stats some of them have put up exponential numbers. One surprise may be in Tyler Saladino, but numbers don’t lie. Otherwise, most of these guys you would expect to make this lineup. As fans, we see them everyday making huge impacts on the offensive game. The question is how many transfer over to the best defense lineup.



Player rARM DRS
Ryan Braun -1 5
Curtis Granderson 2 -4
Christian Yelich -5 2
Keon Broxton 2 12
Lorenzo Cain 4 19
Domingo Santana 1 6
Hernan Perez 2 3



Player RZR DRS
Eric Thames .794 -2
Jesus Aguilar .783 7



Player rGDP DRS
Travis Shaw -1 -1
Hernan Perez 0 -2
Jonathan Schoop 3 3
Tyler Saladino 0 -1



Player OOZ DRS
Orlando Arcia 67 3
Hernan Perez 7 2
Tyler Saladino 24 4
Jonathan Schoop 3 1



Player RZR DRS
Mike Moustakas .726 5
Travis Shaw .750 0
Hernan Perez .808 0
Tyler Saladino .875 0



Player rSB DRS
Erik Kratz -2 0
Jacob Nottingham 0 1
Manny Pina 2 4


RF- Keon Broxton, CF- Lorenzo Cain, LF- Domingo Santana, 1B- Jesus Aguilar, 2B- Jonathan Schoop, SS- Orlando Arcia, 3B- Mike Moustakas, C- Manny Pina


Like I said before, all of these guys have done their part to earn these numbers. Although, a few are surprises. One is LF. No offense to Domingo Santana, but from an everyday playing aspect you would expect Christian Yelich to have it in the bag. Overall, in the duration of the season all of them have had defensive highlights that make you say, “How’d he just do that?”  


Brewer’s management have assembled a team that plays both great defense and offense. It is the elite players who are able to perform well on both sides. The players who were featured twice on this list were, Lorenzo Cain, Travis Shaw, Jesus Aguilar, and Manny Pina. Are you that surprised? All four of them have proven that they have the ability to be elite in both sides. We have all watched them throughout the season and have been in awe.


Continuing to be in the playoff race and hopefully in the playoffs, these four guys – and others –  will be major factors. If Counsell is able to send someone on the field feeling 100% confident on their offense and defense, there is no doubt the Brewers would be able to make a run for the World Series.


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