As the offseason is coming to a close, with pitchers and catchers reporting February 14, the Brewers have orchestrated a slower offseason than last year. However, with an announcement on Wednesday, they may have topped last year.

On Wednesday, they announced they promoted GM David Stearns to President of Operations and more importantly extended his contract. No details were released. However, the Brewers – with this move – secured their future for years to come.

Friday January 25th marks one year since one of the most exciting days in recent Brewer history. On that day, one year ago, they made the blockbuster trade to receive Christian Yelich, only to sign Lorenzo Cain about a half hour later. Although, that made a major impact on the burst to the NLCS run of 2018, extending Stearns seems more important.

Stearns was hired near the end of the 2015 season. He has built the team since, through drafts, trades, and acquisitions. To get a more in depth view on those specifically, you can read one of my past articles;

Since arriving, Stearns had brought an analytical mindset that has resulted in fast success. While doing that, he has still kept young, controllable, and fairly inexpensive talent.

Take someone like Jesus Aguilar, somewhat undervalued in the Indians organization, he became extremely valuable in the Brewers organization. To many he might have seemed like the last player to make the roster. But yet he had an influential first half in 2018, and at 28 years old made the All- Star roster.

Piggy backing off of that, is the importance of young players. While obviously the Brewers want them to have an impact in the majors, they can be great for trades. Whether you look at the Yelich trade that finished off the roster or the Moustakas trade that gave them the last push for the postseason. Either way, young talent is crucial for the small market Brewers.

Another major point of Stearns’ tenure in Milwaukee, is how he handled the rebuild. I did touch on it in the article I linked before, but I would like to mention it again. Stearns never put a timetable on the rebuild and though analysts did, he refused. A normal rebuild blueprint shows that the Brewers should have expected at least two “terrible” seasons. However, Sterns and the Brewers wrote their own story.

Although the story has a few more chapters to be written, it has been an entertaining one for sure so far. With only one real “unbearable” season in 2016, when they went 73-89, it really could have been much worse. Then we all know the rest of the story, in 2017 they exceeded all expectations, then missed the playoffs by one game and then in 2018 missed the World Series by one game. That brings us to the present, and from the view right now, the future looks even brighter.

It is easy to see that Stearns has been undoubtedly a perfect match for Milwaukee. If you don’t believe that, you are either a Cubs fan who doesn’t want to admit the Brewers success or someone who lives under a rock. Anyways, giving him a contract extension as well as a promotion, not only solidifies the future, it makes sure no one tries to steal him away from our beloved Brewers.


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