Christian Yelich’s Success can’t be Summed Up in One Game


Christian Yelich has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball recently. He has been incredible since coming off the All-Star break and has continued it since. On Wednesday night he became the second hitter in the MLB to hit for the cycle this season. As an incredible feat as it is, you can’t sum up Yelich’s hot streak with just that game. This article is going to cover an advanced statistical look of his hot hitting (As of 8/29/18).

Last Month

Over the last month you could look that he is batting .319 with 11 home runs, which is great, but doesn’t cover all the bases. Over the last month he has posted an impressive Hard% at 57.3% (hard contact percentage) which puts him nearly 20% above excellent in the league (according to Fangraphs). Not only has he contributed in just hits but also looking at offensive value. He has put up a .434 wOBA (Weighted on-base average- based off of the fact that all hits are not created equal, similar to OPS, but OBP is worth almost double of SLG) over the last month, putting him up .034 above excellent in the league (according to fangraphs). The last thing to look at is average pitches per at bat. Yelich hits a lot in the early part of an at bat, so his numbers are not as good as somebody else’s would. Besides that, in the last month he is averaging 3.69 pitches per at bat. This is still very important when a hitter is this hot, not only is he driving pitchers crazy by getting hits, he is making them pitch to him for extended at bats. These numbers that Yelich has put up are suburb, but they get even better when you look at the last 10 days.

Last 10 Days

This past 10 days Yelich has been on fire. He posted a 64.7% Hard% which is near double league excellence (according to Fangraphs). Even when he has gotten out he is squaring up the ball, which is incredibly scary for any opposing pitcher. His wOBA sits at .493 which is virtually .100 over league excellence (according to Fangraphs). Again, that sums up his offensive value when it comes to hitting and getting on base. The last 10 days he averaged 3.67 pitches per at bat which is slightly down from his monthly average. To repeat what I said before, he is not only hitting but he is eating at the pitchers pitch count.

Reviewing Wednesday Night

On Wednesday night Yelich hit a triple to complete a cycle as MVP chants began in Great American Ballpark. He had a brilliant game going 6-6 and yes, completed a cycle. He became one of four players since 1920 to do so. Not only did he reach a big milestone, his hits were quite timely. Here’s a recap:

1 AB- 1B, came around and scored, Brewers lead 2-0

2 AB- 1B

3 AB- 2HR, gave Brewers 4-3 lead

4 AB- 2B, Arcia to 3rd set up sac fly, Reds lead 7-6

5 AB- 3B, Cain scores, Brewers tie Reds 10-10

6 AB- 1B

On a night that had to be all hands on deck, Yelich couldn’t have found a better time to hit for the cycle.

Christian Yelich has been huge for the Brewers this season and have given them some big nights. The leftie has impressed all and has helped the Brewers continue to be right in the middle of a pennant race. One can only hope that Yelich continues into the last month of the season and beyond.


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