When people think of the best player in baseball they automatically go straight to Mike Trout without giving it any thought. But what if I told you, people should be giving it more thought and that Christian Yelich, is actually baseball’s best player.

About a week ago MLB Network came out with their list of the top ten players in the league at this current moment. Understandably, they had Mike Trout listed number one and Christian Yelich listed number two. When looking at the numbers, they show that the answer for who’s the best player in the MLB is not so cut and dry.

Christian Yelich vs Mike Trout’s past two seasons.

Now I want to be careful writing this because I definitely don’t want to diminish the player Mike Trout is and the incredible career he’s had. Mike Trout will undoubtedly go down as one of the best to ever play the game of baseball but if you look strictly at the past couple years, it’s almost a no brainer to pick Christian Yelich over Mike Trout. This isn’t a knock on Trout but more of a compliment to just how good Christian Yelich has been for the Brewers. He’s been so good that he’s putting up better numbers than one of the greatest players of all time.

I decided to take the past two years as opposed to both players full careers because two years gives people an understanding of who the player is right now and moving forward. 

The stats listed above indicate Christian Yelich has appeared in more games, has scored more runs, generated 64 more hits, has hit 12 more doubles and 5 more triples. Yelich also has had 24 more RBIs, 17 more stolen bases, and a batting average which was .25 points higher than Trout’s. Trout bested Yelich the past two years in home runs by only 4, strikeouts, and OPS by .40 points. Mike Trout has also been a better defender but only by a small margin. 

The one stat I would say Mike Trout blows Christian Yelich out of the water with is WAR. Over the past two seasons Mike Trout has had a WAR of 18.5 while Yelich has had a WAR of 14.7. However, would you rather have the player with a higher WAR or the player who has played in more games, scored more runs, has more hits, more extra base hits, more RBIs, more stolen bases, and a better batting average? It really makes you think what really goes into a player’s WAR. 

Like I said before, Mike Trout has had the better career and will go down in history as a better baseball player. Although, if we’re talking about the past two years and what have you done for me lately, Christian Yelich has been better. It really makes you think which player you’d rather have on your team moving forward. If it was up to me…I’m taking Christian Yelich for the next few years.


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