Keston Hiura Stayed Through Deadline, but Still Impacted


As the July trade deadline has come to a close, the Brewers managed to improve without having to split with top prospect 2B Keston Hiura. Believing that Hiura would be the second basemen of the Brewers near future is easy math. He has sped through the system putting up impressive numbers. With the addition of Jonathan Schoop, things have maybe become a little bit more unclear, or maybe not.

The addition of Jonathan Schoop, who is controllable through the 2019 season, has created somewhat of a crowded infield. Players who are able to play 2B are Schoop, Travis Shaw, and Hernan Perez. All of which who have put together good offensive numbers this season. The challenge stands now of getting all of them at bats. Another challenge that is starting to unfold is where Keston Hiura fits into all of this.

Keston Hiura has done nothing but impress since getting drafted in 2017. He currently resides in the Brewers AA team in Biloxi and continues to rake. Since being drafted out of college, he has been able to speed through the minors and most importantly has been successful at all levels.

2017 Rookie 72 13 .500 .839 1.339
2017 A 115 24 .374 .476 .850
2018 A+ 228 47 .382 .529 .911
2018 AA 211 37 .351 .427 .778


The numbers speak for themselves. At 22 he has put up some pretty big numbers at all levels. It would only make sense for him to move up to AAA for the remainder of the season and have him be our opening day 2B next year, wouldn’t it? Before the trade deadline that plan made a lot of sense if everything would have went smoothly (health wise and assuming he would be successful in AAA).

Looking at the situation now, that plan seems very far fetched and unrealistic with all the talent at 2B. As much as I would like Hiura make an impact on the Brewers ASAP, this may have a positive side that makes a lot of sense.

The worst thing you can do to a prospect like Hiura is to rush them. Schoop gives the Brewers that option they may not have had before. They now have the option to ease him into major league play. Similar to what they are doing with Corbin Burnes, the Brewers are able to get him at bats without depending on him as our only option. I could potentially see this playing out with him being a September call up, but AA to majors is quite a jump that also may seem a little dangerous. That being the case, the more likely plan is for Hiura to spend all of next year in AAA and being able to come up for different situations. With Schoop being the “bridge” to Hiura, this plan can take shape.

If however sometime this season a situation would occur where we would need someone at second base, there are others the Brewers could turn to. The Brewers AAA team is stacked, guys like Tyler Saladino, Dylan Moore, or Nate Orf could easily fix that void. As much as the Brewers are in the race now, there is no shame is risking the potential to continue to compete in the future.

In baseball things have a weird way of working out, they always do. With bringing in Schoop, not only do you have a really good bat in the lineup down the stretch , but the Brewers have options that they never had before pertaining to the future.



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