Mike Moustakas Weekend Recap



As expected Milwaukee’s newest addition, Mike Moustakas, is going to need more than two games to get comfortable with his new team.

This past Saturday, Moustakas first game with the Brewers, he went 1-5 at the plate with a single and a strikeout in Milwaukee’s 7-1 win over the Giants. On Sunday, the third baseman went 1-4 with a single to right field in the 8-5 loss. With a batting average over the weekend of .222 and an on-base percentage of the same number, Moustakas is sure to make a bigger impact for the crew in the near future.

Mike Moustakas is a nice addition to the Milwaukee lineup and seeing him get a couple hits over the weekend is a great sign. Things will look even better once the former Kansas City Royal gets more comfortable in the Cream City.


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