Milwaukee Brewers Drop 2020 Schedule


After it was leaked about who the Brewers would be taking on for Opening Day 2.0, MLB released the rest of the ‘regular’ season games for the crew.

When MLB finally decided on implementing the 60-game season, fans were anxiously waiting for that schedule to come out for their favorite teams. Players started reporting to camps, they started taking batting practice and the Brewers even live streamed a batting practice for the fans. 

It was revealed via a leak that the Milwaukee Brewers would be taking on the beginning of this season against the Chicago Cubs in the Cubs’ territory. The three-game series taking place at Wrigley Field will have two of those games nationally televised on ESPN and Fox Sports Wisconsin. 

Let’s take a look at their schedule and see the good, the bad, and their playoff chances.

Seeing as this pandemic really hasn’t come to a halt or even gave a hint that it’s going to be a halt, many are doubting that the baseball season might even go on. Two of Milwaukee’s own, IF Luis Urias and pitcher Angel Perdomo tested positive for COVID-19, both being asymptomatic. Their names are just a couple among the list of many MLB players who have tested positive for the virus. Of course, there have been safety precautions put in place; the regular testing, the necessary actions to be taken if a player is to test positive, enforcing social distancing, wearing a mask, just to name a few. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for the 2020 season. 

Now, talking about the schedule.

It was really a bummer to see that the Brewers would be starting their season at Wrigley Field against the Cubs to then be on the road again to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates. Milwaukee’s first six games and final seven are all away from Miller Park. Our home opener will welcome the St. Louis Cardinals to the cream city, and we’ll also face them in our final series of the season. Not very ideal. 

According to The Athletic’s Will Sammon, the Brewers have the fewest mileage when it comes to traveling. They will travel a total of 3,962 miles, but travel 100 miles fewer than the “next team in line” which happens to be the Chicago Cubs. The first half of the Brewers schedule is more on the road, and the second half of the season will be played in their stomping grounds. Unfortunately, the Cubs got the lucky draw and will host the Brewers seven out of the ten games in their home field. The Brewers did, however, get lucky when it came to playing the Cardinals and the Reds in their home field. They’ll host the Cardinals in six games and the Reds in seven. 

In their first 39 games, the Brewers only have two days off, so enforcing the health protocols and precautions with the pandemic going on will be something to really keep an eye out for. They’re going to be on the road a lot in the first half, so what does that mean for testing and handling the positive cases? Do they get sent back to Milwaukee to quarantine and get the medical help? Do they stay in the city where they were tested until they’re cleared? A lot is up in the air in regards to health and safety measures. 

It’s a sigh of relief to know we will have some Brewers baseball in the near future after waiting for what seems like a century. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and safe and they can play ball!


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