Reminiscing on Carlos Gomez’s Career in Milwaukee


 Carlos Gomez, with his constant energy, emotion, and charisma became a fan-favorite quickly when he joined the Brewers. He is most remembered for his stellar defense in center field and his quickness on the base paths but this piece is going to reminisce on some specific moments of Gomez’s Brewers career that are especially memorable. But first, let’s look at how he ended up in the Cream City in the first place. 

  1. The Origins

After coming up in the Mets system and a stint with Minnesota, Carlos Gomez was traded in November 2009 to Milwaukee in exchange for the Brewers’ shortstop at the time, J.J. Hardy. The Brewers knew they were getting a player with a lot of upside, but it was a bit of a risk because Hardy still had plenty left in the tank when he was traded.

In 2010, his first year with Milwaukee, GoGo played in 97 games, and slashed .247/.298/.357 along with 18 stolen bases. Not bad, but he had yet to breakout into the all-star player he would eventually become when given a larger role. 

  1. Best Moments

Now we are going to single out a few moments that made Gomez a household name and a fan favorite in Milwaukee. 

First off, in game 5 of the 2011 NLDS, Gomez scored the winning run on Nyjer Morgan’s walk-off base hit. Brewers faithful will never forget Bob Uecker on the call of that play saying: 

“Here comes Gomez around third!!! The throw… and the Brewers Win, The Brewers are movin’ on!!!!” 

Another fantastic Carlos Gomez moment came on July 8, 2013 in a home game against the Reds. In the top of the ninth with 2 outs and the Brewers up by one, Joey Votto sent a towering fly ball Gomez’s way in center and Gomez leapt up against the wall and brought it back down and saved the game for Milwaukee. It is one of the most memorable catches of recent Brewers history. Here is the link to see it:

Lastly, I think Gomez deserves more praise and remembrance for the season he put together in 2013. He earned a starting spot in the all-star game and had some frankly ridiculous numbers both offensively and defensively. For example he won a Gold Glove, was second in the NL in Wins Above Replacement with 7.6, stole 40 bases, and had an OPS + of 128, and a fielding percentage of .988. Those are some pretty stellar numbers that illustrate the impact he had on the club during that year. 


  1. Worst Moments

While Gomez’s highs were quite high, not everything was smooth sailing, and sometimes he let his frustrations get the best of him. He loved to wear his emotions on his sleeve and to flip his bat and watch his home runs, which led to his involvement in two major brawls against Atlanta and Pittsburgh, and while fights can sometimes be entertaining for fans, it gave the Brewers a reputation as hotheads that they probably were not exactly thrilled about.

Another low point came in 2014 when Gomez was upset about striking out in a July home game against St. Louis, and tried to snap his bat over his knee. To add insult to injury, he was unable to break the bat which made him look pretty foolish. Here’s the clip. 

  1. How it Ended

As the Brewers’ rebuild accelerated in 2015, it was the best move for the franchise to trade Carlos Gomez while his value was high. It was a sad moment, because Gomez truly loved playing in Milwaukee and the city loved him back. That said, it was a fantastic trade for the Brewers because we received future building blocks Josh Hader, Adrian Houser, Brett Philips, and Domingo Santana from the Astros. Unfortunately, Gomez never regained the magic he found while playing in Milwaukee and has bounced around the league ever since 2016 with stints in Texas, Tampa and New York. Gomez is now retired from MLB as of this offseason and plans to retire as a Brewer. 

Thanks for the memories Carlos!



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