Travis Shaw, Corbin Burnes, Ryan Braun, Alex Wilson, the list goes on and on for Brewer players who have struggled to start the 2019 season. However, I didn’t even list the player who has struggled the most. Last year’s All-Star first baseman, Jesus Aguilar, has had an abysmal start to the season. It has gotten to the point where teams don’t even have to pitch around the big slugger. They can go right at him and way more often than not, get him out. He hasn’t secured a hit since April 18th and hasn’t secured an extra base hit since April 14th. Right now, Eric Thames is a more viable option at first and should start every game for Milwaukee.

Last season, Aguilar was a pleasant surprise for Brewer fans. He finished top 10 in the NL in home runs, runs batted in, adjusted OPS, and slugging percentage. Aguilar had 35 homers, 108 RBIs, 25 doubles, 80 runs, and a .274 batting average. In 2018, he even won the NL All-Star Game Final Vote to secure a spot in the summer classic. Although Aguilar had great stats to end the season, fans who watched him everyday saw a difference in first half Aguilar and second half Aguilar.

1st Half
Games Started- 68
Home Runs- 24
Runs Batted In- 70
Strikeouts- 83
Batting Average- .298
OPS- .995
Grounded Into Double Play- 7

2nd Half
Games Started- 55
Home Runs- 11
Runs Batted In- 38
Strikeouts- 60
Batting Average- .245
OPS- .760
Grounded Into Double Play- 12

Towards the end of last season, Aguilar was not making solid contact with the ball and striking out at an alarming rate. The start to 2019 has been more of the same. Even Chris Davis is having a better start to the season than Aguilar. Yes, that Chris Davis, the one who set an MLB record for most at bats without a hit. Aguilar is having a worse season than him…

Luckily, since Aguilar has been a Brewer his best statistical months have come in May and June. Through 2017 and 2018, Aguilar has proved that a slow start will not define his season. In May, Aguilar has had 12 home runs, 34 RBIs, and averaged a .300 batting average and a 1.004 OPS over two years. June is close to the same, Aguilar has had 13 home runs, 33 RBIs, averaged .299 at the plate and an OPS of 1.000.

It’s not time to give up on Jesus “Dino” Aguilar. History shows that his best at bats are yet to come. However, the Brewers are not in a position to be able to wait for Aguilar to figure it out. The Crew’s best option is to give Aguilar sporadic at bats while making Thames the primary first baseman. Brewers’ hitting coach, Andy Haines, doesn’t seem too worried about Aguilar when he said, “He’s going to get that feel back and be fine. He’s just too good of a hitter to stay in this rut much longer.” Once Jesus gets his bearings at the plate, that’s when Milwaukee should insert him back as an everyday player.


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