The Brewers Approach to the Plate in the First Half


The Brewers approach at the plate has been one key ingredient within the Brewer’s success the first half of the season – prior to the recent struggles. They have looked like a different team in the box compared to years past. Over the first half I have seen previous “free swingers” tone it down in the box allowing them to get deeper into counts. Two big keys have been the amount of pitches per at bat and two out RBI’s. There are many more outstanding numbers pertaining to their approach at the plate, but these two are the headliners.


Pitches Seen Per At-Bat

This is something so important, it is the best way to quickly get into a opposing team’s bullpen. This has become a team strength. The team average is 4.43 pitches per at-bat. If every Brewer hitter in the lineup takes four pitches in each of their at-bats and the pitcher goes through the lineup three times, the pitcher throws 108 pitches. 108 pitches will usually spell “game-over” for an average starting pitcher. Therefore, getting into their bullpen quicker.


If this pattern is followed in a three game series, it may not impact the bullpen in the first game, but the bullpen wears over the series. Pitches seen per at-bat may seem ridiculous to track, but it can make all the difference, and it for sure has in the first half.

Team Leaders (100+ AB)

Name Avg. Pitches seen per AB
Jesus Aguilar 5.02
Travis Shaw 4.81
Lorenzo Cain 4.77


Two Out RBI’s

This is something that this Brewers team has done so incredibly well. Nearly 34% of the team’s RBI’s this season have come with two outs with men in scoring position. This has not only come from the top of the lineup, but also from the bottom.


This goes into the character of the team. Many have said that with this team, “you have to play all 27 outs”. You also have to say that you must play all three outs per inning.

Team Leaders (RBi’s with men in scoring position)

Name RBI’s
Ryan Braun 20
Christian Yelich, Travis Shaw 16
Jesus Aguilar 15


This team continues to grind out at-bats into deep counts as well as continue to compete with two outs – even through the recent struggles. This in the first half have helped the Brewers become a dangerous team. Continuing to do these things in the second half, with the potential of adding another bat, this team is going to be really fun to watch.


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