Was Zack Greinke’s time in Milwaukee a success? I’m struggling with the result of this poll. Based off my first instinct, I voted no. Then, I wanted to vote yes and then back to no. After that, back to yes! I really don’t know the correct answer to this poll but I’m going to start blogging and hope I find the answer somewhere in the middle.

On December 19th, 2010, the Milwaukee Brewers made a blockbuster trade with the Royals when they acquired Yuniesky Betancourt and former Cy Young Award winner, Zack Greinke, in exchange for Jake Odorizzi, Jeremy Jeffress, Alcides Escobar, and Lorenzo Cain. Before the Brewers acquired Greinke, he was a very up and down pitcher. He had a season in 2005 where he lost 17 games with a 5.80 ERA and then 4 years later, Greinke won the AL Cy Young Award over Felix Hernandez. The very next season after winning the top pitching award, Greinke disappointed with a 4.17 ERA in 220.0 innings pitched and that’s when he was traded to the Brewers. 

In 2011, his first season with the Brewers, Greinke had a very solid year. He didn’t play at a Cy Young level but he was a borderline All-Star for the Brewers. However, I am under the impression that the Brewers acquired Greinke to be their ace but in 2011 that title belonged to Yovani Gallardo who finished 7th in Cy Young voting that year. Greinke finished the 2011 season, 16-6 with a 3.83 ERA in 28 starts. He pitched in 171.2 innings and recorded 201 strikeouts which allowed him to lead the entire MLB in SO/9. Again, Greinke had a very good season but wasn’t the Cy Young candidate Brewer fans thought they were getting. 

The 2011 postseason, Greinke’s first appearance in the playoffs, was not good. The Brewers needed him to be what he was during the regular season and he did not perform. In 3 starts, Greinke pitched in 16.2 innings and gave up 15 runs. His regular season was nothing spectacular but it was good. However, because of Greinke’s inability to perform in the 2011 playoffs, I would mark his first season as a Brewer a disappointment. Greinke was not the only member on the team but if he performed better in the Postseason the Brewers could have seen themselves in the World Series. 

In 2012, Greinke saw his numbers improve. Through 21 games and 123.0 innings, he had a 3.44 ERA and an even better 2.53 FIP. He also recorded 122 strikeouts and only 28 walks. Unfortunately, as he was finally becoming the dominant pitcher people saw in Kansas City, Greinke was traded by Milwaukee in the middle of the season to the Angels. In exchange, the Brewers received Johnny Hellweg, Ariel Pena, and All-Star Jean Segura. Greinke became the ace the Brewers wanted in 2012 but was traded which ultimately left fans wanting more. 

In one and a half seasons with the Brewers, Zack Greinke started 49 regular season games, pitched 294.2 innings, and had a 3.67 ERA. Milwaukee saw Zack Greinke perform as a borderline All-Star but also saw him struggle mightily in the playoffs. If somebody would look at what Greinke accomplished after his time in Milwaukee, they would see his time in the Cream City as a disappointment. The Brewers got a solid pitcher but nothing that people were expecting.


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