What will the Brewers do at the 2018 trade deadline? CCC Roundtable

As we approach the 2018 MLB trade deadline on July 31st there have been a lot of big names thrown out as available for teams looking to buy. Manny Machado has been the biggest name all season long, and recently landed with the Dodgers, which kicked off the craziness that is the trade deadline.

A couple of us writers here at Cream City Central put together our opinions of what we think the Brewers will do here at the deadline, what are yours?

Jessy Stagliano @stagosaurusss

The Brewers limped into the all-star break this season, and it all but finished the discussions on if the Brewers will acquire someone at the 2018 deadline, it is now a matter of whom. There are two glaring holes in this team, the middle infield, and the starting rotation-especially with the Brent Suter news, but both are almost equally important. It will be interesting to see if Stearns will diverge from his controllability plan to get a rental, or try to sign an additional guy long term.

I think the best fit for the Brewers for a pitching would be Chris Archer from Tampa Bay. The 29-year-old two-time all-star is having a down year, but is a career 3.7ish ERA guy. He also has team controllability until 2021; he totally fits the David Stearns controllability mindset.

As far as middle infield, my ideal scenario would be acquiring Mike Moustakas from Kansas City. The 29-year-old third baseman has a mutual option for 2019 the Brewers might consider, but he would be more of a rental type player. This of course would require Travis Shaw to move to second, which would solve the middle infield problem, all while beefing up that lineup for this season.

Sam Monnat @sam_monnat02

The Brewers can most benefit from an improvement up the middle at second base and shortstop. The offense has been a black hole past the 5 spot, and much of that is due to the total lack of production from those two positions. Tyler Saladino has been a nice small addition, but it’s tough to expect him to continue to sustain adequate production over the remainder of the season. One intriguing upgrade I could see the Brewers making is trading for either one of or both of the Twins’ starting middle infielders; Brian Dozier and Eduardo Escobar. Both are above average bats that could kick-start the second half of the line up.

As far as pitching, I would expect a starter to be added before a reliever following the Brent Suter injury. I think it’s tough to get a good feel for what exactly the Brewers are thinking as for as arms go simply because the need isn’t as apparent as on offence. They could take a flyer on a rental, or go bigger and look at a controllable starter like Chris Archer. If the Brewers go after any reliever I would expect it to be after the July 31st trade deadline, via waivers.

Ryan Timmerman @TheDudeMan3

The 2018 Brewers don’t necessarily fall neatly into either the “buyer” or “seller” category. Sure, they’re good enough to contend this season. But they’re young enough to contend perennially. So how much of the future are you willing to sacrifice for the now? It’s entirely possible – even likely – that fans will be surprised by the number of moves Milwaukee makes, but slightly disappointed by the lack of big names coming back.

The biggest fish, Manny Machado, is already off the market. Milwaukee’s situation is pretty obvious: they might look into bringing in bullpen help (make a team strength even stronger), help up the middle infield, and help in the starting rotation. If they were busy scouting Machado recently they probably got a good look at Orioles starter Dylan Bundy and reliever Zach Britton, both available. As for the infield, a guy like Whit Merrifield from Kansas City could prove very usable and affordable from a prospects-sacrificed standpoint. Incremental changes could do the Brewers a world of good, and the front office might not think a “we’re one move away” home run swing at the deadline is the right approach.

Al Juneau @junesfoshiz

Stearns has always been shrewd in trades, as a fan base we sort of knew Machado would only be the move if Stearns got him at the price he thought efficient. I believe Stearns will prioritize getting one infield bat and one reliever. A pair of a low cost consolidation moves instead of a huge roster-altering move. I would expect Stearns to keep Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta, Corey Ray, and Keston Hiura. This organization has an excellent AA team that will provide solid depth next year. They do have to trade some prospects though as there will be an intense 40 man roster crunch this summer. If I had to predict names the Brewers will acquire, I’d go with: Brian Dozier and Zach Britton.

It will be a tough decision on what to do for the 2018 Brewers, but here’s to an enjoyable ride.


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