2018 Small Forwards Preview


The Milwaukee Bucks strongest position is definitely at the small forward. Headlined by the silent assassin, Khris Middleton.

While Giannis is usually listed as an SF, he typically plays the 1-4 positions on a nightly basis. Sometimes he even plays the 5. With the Greek Freak used as a floater, Khris Middleton holds down the small forward position.

Khris Middleton does not get enough love from the NBA world. Other than Giannis, he is the most consistent Milwaukee Buck, he brings it every night. After only playing in 29 games last season due to a torn hamstring, Middleton went on to average 14.7 points, 4 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. His biggest asset is his shooting ability. Khris is a deadly three-point shooter (43% last year). He also shoots a fabulous 87.5% from the free throw line.  Khris just gets buckets.

The value of his shooting cannot be undersold, he is a huge piece to this Bucks team. With his consistent shooting, it opens up the floor and creates spacing for the offense. It really is no question that the Bucks are a better team when he is on the floor. In the 787 minutes he played last season, the Bucks had an offensive rating of 111 (this would be 4th best in the NBA over the course of one season). The Milwaukee Bucks net rating with Middleton on the floor was plus-5.2, the best mark on the squad.

He is also a very effective player out of the pick and roll. When the Bucks are able to work Middleton in the pick and roll and get the smaller defender on him, it’s almost a certainty that he’ll score. He is one of the few Bucks players that can create a shot for himself.

Another sneaky aspect of his game is his elite passing ability. When Middleton is able to create a mismatch, it usually draws multiple defenders to him. Khris is always looking to set up his teammates. At 6-foot-8, his ability to run the offense is a huge weapon because he can see over the defense and attempt passes over the defense that smaller players would not be able to try.

Middleton also plays very solid perimeter defense and the Bucks have the luxury to slide him over to defend different positions (usually 1-3). At 6-foot-8 with a 6-foot-11 wingspan, he has the size of a power forward but he plays like a guard.

WIth a full training camp and preseason to gel with his teammates, the sky is the limit for Khris Middleton. Aside from Giannis Antetokounmpo, he is the most valuable Buck.

With Jabari Parker continuing his journey back to the court from his ACL second ACL surgery, this position is incredibly thin for the time being. Don’t be surprised if we see rookies Sterling Brown and DJ Wilson play the small forward position throughout the season. With Middleton headlining the group, Bucks fans should feel very confident for this upcoming season.


The Milwaukee Bucks have many players who can play multiple positions on the court, which makes them a tough matchup for any opponent.



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