Bucks 2018 Draft Prospect Profile: Donte DiVincenzo


Donte DiVincenzo


College: Villanova Wildcats

Position: Guard

Height: 6’5

Wingspan: 6’6

Weight: 200 pounds

Age: 21

Awards: 2018 Final Four Most Outstanding Player

Donte DiVincenzo is rising up the NBA Draft boards and no one knows where it will stop. Once considered a fringe potential second-rounder coming into the season, DiVincenzo’s dominant Final Four run resulted in an MVP award after he scored 31 points in the Finals. He likewise tested very well athletically at the Combine with a max vertical leap listed at 42 inches. He also dominated a well-attended scrimmage among fellow hopefuls finishing the game with a monster stat-line of 17 pts, 13 rebs and 6 stls. Donte DiVincenzo will be a role-player at the next level; albeit one who can and will make game-winners when given a chance.


Winner/Clutch Gene

High Bball IQ

Elite Shooting


Superb Athleticism

Hustle and Effort on Defense

Terrific role-player

Throughout his collegiate career, Donte DiVincenzo had ALWAYS shone brightest when the stakes were high; none more so than in the 2018 NCAA Finals. Even with more prominent prospects in star forward Mikal Bridges and starting PG Jalen Brunson, the Wildcats didn’t hesitate in turning to their super 6thman to carry them in the title game.  Donte shot a tremendous 40% on 3s at more than 5 attempts per game throughout the year. In the whole March Madness tournament run, however, he shot an unfathomable 63% on 3s on 12/19 shooting as he helped bring home Villanova’s second title in three years.

Donte has decent ball handling skills and understands how to play pick-and-roll at a high level. He plays instinctively but his all-around play betrays his knack for thinking the game. He plays smart and already knows how to leverage his shooting by attacking closeouts, before finishing with an assortment of runners and flip-shots. As the Wildcats “6th-starter”, the guy simply has a reputation of scoring the ball and getting things done.

He projects to be a good defender at the point and the 2-guard spots at the next level because of his size, elite athleticism and his unceasing hustle and effort on that end of the court. Likewise, because Donte willingly came off the bench for Villanova, scouts and GMs also know that winning comes first over individual accolades for the young man.



Defensive Versatility



Donte DiVincenzo’s listed wingspan is only an inch longer than his listed height. This doesn’t bode well for his ability to switch onto the bigger 3s and 4s of the NBA; even in their small-ball versions. Donte will need to learn to put in the work early to force offensive specialists out of their spots.

For all his reputation as an elite shooter, DiVincenzo only shot 70% of his FTs in his college career. His form is excellent so focus and stamina could be the main culprits for this seeming anomaly. His reputation as a microwave scorer also works against him as he sometimes waits for his offense to get going before being fully engage in the game.

Fit on the Bucks:

Bucks pick 17th

Based on past draft exercises, it is unlikely for Donte DiVincenzo to go 17thto the Bucks. After going for the homerun swing in their last 5 drafts, there’s little evidence to say that the Bucks will veer away from their archetypical long-armed prospect.

This is not what Donte represents. He does not have all-star written in his future. He, however, is the guaranteed rotation piece, capable of driving bench units with his shot-making or steady defensive play. He’s a good secondary ball-handler and will also be someone who opposing teams cannot help off of. He’s the player who will make a big 3 on one end of the court, then sacrifice his body to get a charge or commit a duty foul at the other.

We can almost expect smart teams like San Antonio, Golden State and Boston to pick him late in the first round and conveniently turn him into the next JJ Redick, Avery Bradley or Danny Green. This feels especially imminent with reports that Danny Ainge had already taken DiVincenzo out for lunch after a recent workout.

Donte DiVincenzo will not be the next Nik Stauskas or Rashad Vaughn.

I want him. You want him. Why can’t he be the Bucks’ next 3-point gunner?


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