Bucks 2018 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Robert Williams



College: Texas A&M

Hometown: Vivian, LA

Height: 6ft 9in

Wingspan: 7ft 5in

Age: 20 years old

Robert Williams was actually the player that I was hoping the Bucks would pick at 17 last year. Instead he came back to college and had an equally productive year. He uses his athleticism to destroy the opposing less physically gifted bigs. While it may take some getting used to NBA defenses, Williams can contribute right away to a Bucks squad that is lacking size down low.








Rim Protection

Robert Williams has the potential to be a very solid starter in this NBA. While he may lack in height, he more than enough makes up in his length and his weight (240 lbs). He uses that frame to play a physical brand of basketball which causes the defender to get into foul trouble and for him to get to the line. His best skill on the court is his rebounding. That is the main reason the Bucks pick him. He uses that incredible length grab the ball from ridiculous angles. In some of his highlights he looks like a baby Giannis, using his body for better positioning. Williams also uses that length to block shots (2.5 bpg), which will be incredible to watch with him next to Giannis. However, the best way for him to see the court is to grab every rebound imaginable.



Free Throws



Character flaws?

Williams was originally suspended in the start of his sophomore year, because he violated a university policy. “Unfortunately, young people make mistakes. We will handle this matter internally and move on as a program,” Texas A&M head coach Billy Kennedy said according to SportsDay. Shockingly, 20 year olds are not the brightest people on the planet, and they will make many mistakes, hopefully he can gain some maturity when he makes it to the NBA. Williams is also an atrocious shooter (0-12 on threes), and struggles mightily at the line (47.1%). This limits him around the slashing Giannis and could clog the lane for he cannot space the floor very well. In a league where the big man no longer stays in the paint, it may be hard for him to get going his first couple years. It has been noted by some team executives that he may not have all that much of a competitive drive, and also relies too heavily on his athleticism to beat out opponents. If he his matched up with an athletic big as well, he provides very little on both ends of the floor.

Role on the Bucks:

Rookie Robert Williams will be a solid bench role player for the Bucks. It may be that he gives Giannis rest, seeing that he can’t stretch the floor at all, or possibly coming in for whoever ends up starting at center (Thon). He fits in well with what the front office wants this team to look like in Team All-Length. Coach Bud only tasks for this young man should be to rebound the ball at all costs and from his college numbers, he will succeed at that. With the Bucks lacking rebounding from everyone except Giannis, it will be easy to see that Williams can contribute right away.


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