Bucks 2018 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Shake Milton



College: Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Height: 6’6 – 6’7

Wingspan: 7’0

Weight: 205 pounds

Age: 21 (22 at the start of the NBA season)

Shake Milton is coming off his Junior season with the Mustangs as an NBA-ready player. He came in playing the wing in his first two years but played a lot of minutes at PG in his 3rdseason. After averaging 18pts, 4.7rebs, 4.4 assists and 1.4 steals per game in his last collegiate year, Shake has finally decided to make his jump to the Pros. Currently projected to be picked in the 20-35thrange, Shake has a chance to be seen as the Steal of the Draft.





3&D ability


As mentioned above, Shake Milton played both the point guard and the wing positions in his three years at SMU. Over those years, Milton had an amazing 2-1 Assist-to-turnover ratio which speaks of a player who knows how to balance play-making and attacking. His overall 45% career shooting percentages were good for someone who was the primary focus of the opponent’s defense. And his great three-point and free-throw percentages were likewise tremendous at 43% and 80% for his college career.

His height and length at the PG position are elite and his quick feet on defense will allow him to guard 3 positions at the next level. Because of his ability to create shots for himself off the bounce and the deep range on his 3-ball, Shake can be plugged into virtually any lineup in the NBA. Only his injuries during the latter part of the last season as well as the in the Draft Combine put a cloud on his draft positioning as scouts and front offices traditionally put more emphasis on the now than on past track records.



Finishing ability

Average Athleticism

Still developing Body

At 205 pounds, Shake Milton has a long way to go before he can effectively absorb contact from the more powerful guards and forwards at the next level. His average athleticism can likewise be exploited if he doesn’t improve his court awareness and defensive positioning. These same issues also frequently result in Shake’s difficulty in finishing around the rim. While his runners are much improved, it’s best for Shake to focus on his body and conditioning this offseason so he can better utilize his length on offense and defense.


Fit on the Bucks:

Bucks pick 17th

It’s a long shot for Shake Milton to go 17thto the Bucks. In their past 3 drafts, the Bucks have tried to go for the homerun swing. Shake Milton is not that guy. He is not in the mold of Mitchell Robinson or the Lonnie Walkers who have very high ceilings but have scary floors as well.

If the Bucks trade down to get more assets, Shake becomes a more solid option for the Bucks. He is a good decision-maker and does not go beyond his team role and skill-set. He fits the mold of the 3-and-D wing that more and more teams are falling in love with. His ability to play spot PG can also help balance lineups that have scorers at multiple positions. His body-type and intangibles also fit into the Bucks’ all-length prototype.

In Shake’s realistic Bucks’ scenario, the Bucks trade the 17thpick for Philadelphia’s 26th, 38thand 39thpicks, and grab him in the first round.

Come to think of it, the Bucks could only be so lucky to draft their next Malcolm Brogdon. Why not at 17th? Let’s go Bucks!



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