This Tuesday the Milwaukee Bucks announced that they have exercised their rookie options on both their 2016 first round pick Thon Maker and their 2017 first round pick D.J. Wilson. The way the NBA’s first round draft picks contracts work is that their first 2 years are guaranteed with their next two years as team options. With Milwaukee picking up Thon’s fourth year option and D.J.’s third year option.

This may come as a surprise for a large segment of the fanbase who are not a fan of D.J. Wilson. I do not blame them. In his first year in the league the 22-year-old played in 22 games for 72 total minutes, and in that time he averaged 1.0 points a game, .5 rebounds and .1 assists a game, while spending some time with the Oshkosh Herd. I am surprised that this because of what the Bucks have done in the past with 2015 first round pick Rashad Vaughn. Vaughn was not producing to the Bucks standards and so they decided to not pick up his rookie option. So I figured with the Bucks win now mentality, it would not surprise me if they cut ties with Wilson prematurely.

The Bucks deciding to pick up Thon Makers fourth year option is less surprising, although there will still be a small camp of anti-Thon fans out there. Obviously, he did not (yet anyways) turn into the MVP that Kevin Garnett was talking about but unlike D.J. Wilson he has had flashes of a competent NBA player and in the playoffs no less. #PlayoffThon is a real thing and I am all about it, when the bright lights come out and the stage is brightest Thon thrives. Bud just needs to find out how to get #PlayoffThon unlocked in the regular season. Thon has averaged 4.5 points a game, 2.6 rebounds and .7 assists with three seasons with Milwaukee.

In Budenholzer we trust, if Bud thinks that he can make D.J. into a helpful piece to this Bucks team and figure out how to unlock MVP Thon, then who am I to judge? I am not the person who has led the Bucks to a league leading 7-0 start. (Fun fact Jason Kidd’s highest win streak with the Bucks was 6 games)


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