Bucks Ugly Breakup With John Hammond


Often in a breakup, there is a contest to see who is the first one to move on. The Buck’s breakup with John Hammond seemed like one where both parties would be poised to move on quickly. The Buck’s had a girl (Zanik) lined up to go from side chick to main girl, and Hammond was leaving for a new guy with a beach house in Orlando. Someone always loses the breakup though and people are unpredictable, the Bucks were not willing to just make Zanik their main squeeze.

They decided to play the field a little bit, going on first dates with some girls that made their fan’s cringe. Even going on a couple of dates with girls that seemed like wife material, looking at you Arturas Karnisovas. The hard part of dating is that the girl has to be interested in you, Karnisovas used the Buck’s to make his current significant other jealous and lock him up long term. The Nuggets liked Karnisovas so they put a ring on him. The Nuggets did not mess around when the Bucks made a move on their side chick, they ponied up and made it clear how much Karnisovas meant to them.

There was a rumor going around that the Bucks were going to swing for the fences and try and land a super model in David Griffin. Like most people when they try and date a super model, the Bucks did not get a date, there has been no reporting they were even able to get Griffin’s number. There are definitely questions about whether Griffin is deserving of his lofty status, or if Lebron has elevated him. Griffin is a cap whiz though and has done some amazing maneuvers in Cleveland, but regardless the Bucks were not able to entice him in any capacity.

Photo via BleacherReport.com – Zanik the GM in waiting, always a bride never a bridesmaid

Suddenly after all the other eligible ladies had either withdrawn and the Bucks were left alone on the dance floor with Zanik. The Bucks did something, I think we can all relate to on some level, they peed their pants and ran off the dance floor. What had once seemed like a clear process for the Bucks to move on from their breakup with Hammond became an ugly nightmare. They had a One Tree Hill / Grey’s Anatomy / Pretty Little Liars esque moment of just pure drama, where they put themselves into a bad situation that was totally unnecessary. There is something to be said about loving the one you are with, Hammond was far from perfect, but he was a solid GF. In interviews GMs like Neil Olshey and Bob Myers have stressed how important it is for the GM to be on the same page with the coach and owners. Hammond clearly was not on the same page with the Owners or the Coach, this is likely why they were willing to break up.

After this whole debacle where the last remaining candidate was not given the job, the Bucks emerged with a new girl on their arm, Jon Horst. Horst did not have the resume any of the other candidates had, but he represented a fresh start and he wanted to be in Milwaukee. Someone in the Bucks decision making did not like Zanik, and were not willing to make him the GM. Some people just are not wife material for everyone…

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Alexander Juneau is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of the staff at Cream City Central. Life long Bucks fan. Currently studying History and Political Science at UW-Madison. Just trying to enjoy the teams in this beautiful state.


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