Matthew Dellavedova 2018-19 Season Preview


Just from the title of this article many Bucks fans minds have probably been made up on what they expect from Matthew Dellavedova in the 18-19 season. Full disclosure I have always been a Delly fan, but I am also realistic enough to to know that his 4 year 38 million dollar deal is not ideal for the Bucks. Regardless Delly is a Buck and has carved out a niche role on an NBA team over the last 5 seasons.

Last Season:

The season under the Jason Kidd/Joe Prunty for Delly like many Bucks players of last year who’s names do not start with Khris and Giannis’ struggle throughout the year and Delly was not the exception. Last season Delly saw career lows in Points (4.3), field goal percentage (36 %), games started (3), steals (.4) and blocks (0.0). It was not all bad for Matthew, lowering his turnovers from the last two seasons, shooting 37% from 3 and shooting a career high from the line (92%).

Areas of Improvement:

Coming off of a less than successful season, this means two things. One is that it is very reasonable to say that Delly will improve upon last season and 2 there are a few different ways he can up his game to help the Bucks. If there is one area of improvement that he will need to see a change is in his shootings, specifically his open just shooting. We saw from preseason Bucks that there will be a lot of 3’s taken this season, and Giannis will be creating a lot of those opportunities. If Delly can make his open shots and play defense that will bode very well in his favor.

Projected Role:Back-up Point Guard

With the news coming out that the starters for the Bucks first game being Bledsoe, Brogdon, Middleton, Giannis and Lopez, this shows that Brogdon will be playing a considerable amount of SG this season. This does not mean Brogdon will not take over the PG position from time to time, but Brogdon playing the 2 is considerably helpful to Dellavedova moving him up to the back-up point guard.

Project Key Stat: Three Point Attempts a Game

If there is one key stat that Dellavedova will see a huge uptick it will be in his 3 pointers attempted a game. Last season he attempted a career low 2.1 threes a game and the Bucks ranking 25th in the league in 3’s taken. Under Budenholzer he will take much more 3’s and hopefully he will make more.

X Factor:Hustle and Heart

There is no one in the league that does hustle and heart like the king of grit himself. It could be a Tuesday night game in Detroit and the Bucks are getting blown out by 44 or he could be guarding Steph Curry in game 7 of the NBA finals and you know that Dellavedova will be giving it his all. There is not a stat that can measure heart, but if there was Delly would be at the top and that is why I love him.


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