NBA Draft Prospect Profiles: Don’t Sleep on Bronson Koenig


Bronson Koenig has been one of the biggest faces of Wisconsin basketball in recent years, and one of the program’s most exciting players. His ability to pull up and drain long distance shots has led him to become a prolific scorer and legend in Badgers basketball for his numerous game-saving shots. The fact that he was not invited to the combine is disappointing given his excellent shooting and ball-handling ability, as well as his proven history of being a winner. Despite reports that he will go undrafted, the Milwaukee Bucks should consider giving him a look in the second round, or at the very least, as a steal of an undrafted free agent.


Recent bad luck has led to Koenig’s stock fall, as well as other various factors and characteristics he could not control. When working out for the Bucks, Koenig rolled his ankle and was unable to continue his session, limiting his ability to show his potential. This injury has continued to linger and at a crucial time of proving one’s stock, Koenig cannot play to the best of his ability. This is very unfortunate as this is when Bronson could really have moved up in value due to his numerous attributes NBA teams would be interested in.

Koenig is also being undervalued because of his college background. The Wisconsin Badgers have never been the flashiest or most exciting team, and that has also hurt Koenig’s stock, as well as fellow teammate Nigel Hayes’. In addition, as the NBA continues to focus on development, and turn around from seniors, many of the top NCAA basketball players are going undrafted.


While Koenig’s stock has fallen, there are many indicators that he can succeed in the NBA and be a strong fit for the Milwaukee Bucks. Koenig has been a major piece in 2 Final Four runs as well as 2 Sweet Sixteen finishes. He played in the National Championship game and has helped the Badgers to a Big Ten Championship. He is an elite three-point shooter with a great stroke and a very quick release, breaking the Badgers record for three pointers (270). Despite his size, he also can be a combo guard and has a knack for improving players around him. Even with complaints about his speed, he is deceptively explosive and would thrive in the NBA’s pick-and-roll environment.

For the Bucks, who currently lack enough strong sharpshooters off the bench, Koenig could couple with the lacks of Vaughn to improve a team with very below average points outside the paint. He has time to develop in Milwaukee, and even if he spends a year in the D-league, other attributes scouts have criticized such as his ability to guard, will quickly improve.

Comparison and Conclusion

Bronson could be compared to another second round pick the Bucks made in Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon, an upperclassman from the University of Virginia was largely overlooked due to his age and lack of explosiveness. Now, he is a candidate for Rookie of the Year and is thriving in the Buck’s backcourt, despite being a late second round pick. He went against the typical NBA draft pick of today and has succeeded.

Bronson Koenig has the potential of of doing this and as a preseason Wooden Award nominee; he is capable of achieving at the NBA level and making an impact on the Bucks, as Malcolm Brodgon did. Despite his injury, he claims to be in the best shape of his life and has put more work into the gym and improving then ever before. He also is a strong leader who takes the necessary steps to improve, which is very important in the professional basketball setting. Coming from the Ho-Chunk Native American tribe, Koenig is a role model for Native Americans across the country who have hope for their dreams playing out in a setting of often hopelessness and depression. Hopefully, Koenig can have his ultimate dream play out and inspire others, and if all goes well, it is through the Milwaukee Bucks’.


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