Potential NBA Playoff Preview: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers



The Bucks did it. They made the playoffs, and in doing so they made a big splash at the end of the season in order to get the six seed just like last year. But now they play the three seed Cleveland Cavaliers first round and it will be tough. Before we get into the predictions let’s take a look and see how they did during the season:


October 10


Bucks 97

Cavs 116


Even though Giannis balled out this game, the rest of the team let him down especially at the center position (not surprised.) Kevin Love had his way against us and the combination of Greg Monroe and John Henson could not stop him.


November 7


Bucks 119

Cavs 124


Giannis, Khris, Mirza, and Malcolm Brogdon led the way for the Bucks scoring 98 of their 119. However it was not enough to stop Lebron and Kevin Love who had 25 rebounds combined.


December 19


Bucks 119

Cavs 116


Lebron was on mission this game scoring 39 points for the Cavs. Giannis, on the other hand, led his team to a victory and had some amazing help from Bledsoe and Brogden.


March 19


Bucks 117

Cavs 124


While Giannis played like the superstar that he is, the rest of the team beside Khash did not show up. This was also Jabari’s first game against the Cavs and played well considering where he was at. Rebounds are what keep killing us.


Key Matchups:


Giannis vs. Lebron


Superstar vs. Superstar. The King vs. The Greek Freak. This is the most important matchup of superstars in the East. The only way to beat the Cavs is to take down the King and only one player can do that: Giannis.


Jabari Parker vs. An offensive player


Jabari’s defense is either on or very very much off. He will never play help defense, doesn’t stay in front, and gives up in transition. If he wants to make to the next round he has to step up his defense.


Kevin Love vs. Any Bucks Center


Rebounds are what kill us in any game because our centers have been atrocious all year long. Kevin Love is an all-star caliber center and so he will get as many rebounds as he pleases when he plays the Bucks. Henson and Zeller and the little bit of Thon we will see need to play more physical in order to shut him down.




Bucks: Malcolm Brogdon


Brogdon is the glue that helps this team stick together. If he is on, the entire team is also on and they are fired up. Brogdon has played well against the best of the best and watch him as he sets this tone for this series.


Cavs: Effort of Role Players


Lebron in the playoffs is the greatest segment of basketball you will ever see. The dominance he brings no matter who is in front of him is astounding. This could lead to the role players getting a little lazy and not fearing the Bucks at all. If they do their jobs and step up in big moments, then it is all over for Milwaukee.




My prediction for the series is that the Cavaliers will win in 6 games. I know I always preach #bucksinsix but this series is a little different. Like I said earlier, Lebron in the Playoffs is something that no living thing can stop. The Bucks haven’t been able to stop him during the season and if he goes on his normal playoff tear, then the Bucks won’t even be able to dream about the second round. It would be very Bucks to win the first game in Cleveland however behind a huge game from a fired up Giannis. The torment of an up and down season for the Bucks will be over and we can move on to the offseason.

Never. Trust. The. Bucks.


Bucks in Six,


Jed Lyneis



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