Where Will Giannis’s Career Numbers Rank in Bucks History?


As Giannis continues his ascent to greatness, I thought it would be interesting to look at his career ranks in the five counting stats. One thing that distinguishes Giannis from other players is his ability to rack up stats in all five major categories, he is dominant in every facet of the game. One unique thing Giannis is poised to achieve is becoming top 10 in each of the five major categories in Bucks history, the only other Buck to do that is Marques Johnson. Since we are in the middle of a playoff run I figured I’d go through both the regular season and the playoff numbers. For the sake of formatting, I’ll say where he ranks now, what 10th place is (or if Giannis is above 10th whatever the next spot is) and what 1st place is. Then I’ll get into what Giannis needs to do to get there and how many seasons I think it will take to get there.


All my stats are from landofbasketball.com.


Regular Season (rank in parenthesis)


Current Points: 8,745 (11th)

10th Place: Terry Cummings 9,290

1st Place: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 14,211


Points is the big one and Kareem is a legend, when Giannis passes this he will officially be the best Buck ever, at least in my opinion (assuming some level of playoff success). Giannis scored 1994 points this year and 2014 last year, assuming that pace it will take him three seasons to surpass Kareem. Perhaps worth noting Giannis is only under contract for two more, so virtually any extension would make this a lock. In terms of where he will end next season, Marques Johnson is 2,235 ahead of him in 6th place. That seems possible, but unlikely Marques is 1000 ahead of 7th and 500 behind 5th so I fully expect Giannis to be either just behind or just ahead of Marques.


Current Rebounds: 3,844 (4th)

3rd Place: Marques Johnson 3,923

1st Place: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 7,161


Rebounds is Giannis’s current highest rank, an impressive 4th in only six seasons. Bob Dandridge sits at 4,497 rebounds good for 2nd in Bucks history. Giannis had 898 rebounds this season, so he seems poised to take 2nd next year, but we might not see Kareem’s record fall until sometime in 2022.  


Current Assists: 1,921 (11th)

10th Place: Jay Humphries 1,922

1st Place: Paul Pressey 3,272


Giannis had 424 assists this year as he set career highs in assists per game, but his single-season high in assists was in the 16-17 season with 434 assists. Giannis played nearly 500 more minutes that season, so that is a clear driving factor. For the last 4 seasons, he is averaging a touch under 400 assists a year, and at that rate he’d be a touch behind Paul Pressey at the end of the 2021-2022 season. Quinn Buckner is 4th in Buck’s history with 2,391 assists, I expect Giannis to finish next season slightly behind Buckner.


Current Steals: 559 (14th)

10th Place: Terry Cummings 607

1st Place: Quinn Buckner 1,042


This is the one I feel is furthest away, steals can be sort of fickle year to year and Giannis gambles a lot less than he did under Kidd. Which results in better defense, but also fewer turnovers. Giannis had 92 steals this season, his lowest total since his second year in the league. Over the last four seasons he is averaging 106.5 steals a year, at that rate he’d have this record in five more seasons. Glenn Robinson sits in 7th with 689 steals, so if Giannis has another 100 steal season I’d expect him to finish next year just behind Big Dog. One thing to watch is Khris Middleton is currently 17 steals ahead of Giannis, so he could stay ahead of Giannis if he is re-signed.


Current Blocks: 626

3rd Place: Andrew Bogut 642

1st Place: Alton Lister 804


Giannis needs 83 blocks to match Harvey Catching’s second-place total, a number which Giannis has eclipsed every year since his rookie year. Giannis has averaged 120 blocks a year the last four years so in theory, he should pass Lister sometime in the 20-21 season. This will be the first of these records to be broken. Giannis is just prolific as a shot blocker and should see more minutes as a center as he continues to develop muscle mass.


Playoff Stats (all stats current as of the end of round 1)


Current Points: 503 (15th)

10th Place: Junior Bridgeman 650

1st Place: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1,692


Giannis scored 180 points in last years first round matchup with the Celtics. This year he scored 105 points in the first round. I’d consider his range for each round going forward roughly 110-210, roughly 25-30 points a game over 4-7 games. That is to say it could be anything. For the sake of math lets say they go to the finals and play 6 games in every series from here on out. At his 2019 playoff average of 26 points per game that would be 468 more points leaving Giannis at 971, a mere twelve points behind Terry Cummings 5th ranked total of 983. That is to say, I do not believe Giannis can pass Kareem this season or next season. I think it will take into the 2021 playoffs assuming the Bucks have a long playoff run this year and next year. Moncrief is in 2nd at 1,451 which I think is a more manageable number for Giannis to break next year.


Current Rebounds: 214 (13th)

10th Place: Ervin Johnson 289

1st Place: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 956


Giannis is averaging 12 rebounds a game this year in the playoffs, I don’t see any reason that will go down against a smaller frontline in the Celtics. I am going to take the 18 games number I used earlier and multiply that by 12, which would be 216 rebounds. Which would give Giannis a career number of 430 good for 4th in Bucks playoff history 61 rebounds behind 2nd place Bob Dandridge. That Kareem number is absurd, and will take Giannis multiple trips into late May to top.


Current Assists: 98 (18th)

10th Place: Ray Allen 134

1st Place: Paul Pressey and Oscar Robertson 401


Giannis got off to a rough start against Detroit averaging only 3.5 assists per game. That said he averaged a touch over 6 last year against Boston and a touch under 6 in the regular season this year. So I expect his numbers to trend up a little bit as the playoffs go on. For optimistic sake I’ll use the 18 number multiplied by 6 to give us 108 for the rest of the run. That would give Giannis 206 total and leave him one assist shy of Sam Cassell’s 5th ranked total. If the Bucks put together deep runs this year and the next two years we could see Giannis threaten to break that Pressey and Big O number as soon as 2021.


Current Steals: 29 (14th)

10th Place: Junior Bridgeman 37

1st Place: Paul Pressey 105


Playoff Steals are a much smaller sample than the previous three playoff stats, so since it is my math I decided to use Giannis’s career playoff steals per game which is 1.3, multiplied by 18 gives you 23.4 steals, we’ll round up because like I said it is my math, so 24. Which would tie Craig Hodges 5th ranked total of 53 playoff steals. Optimistically Giannis could match this in the finals in 2021, but more realistically this is a 2022 record. Khris has 34 playoff steals so he’s a guy to watch here as well.


Current Blocks: 31 (11th)

10th Place: Harvey Catchings 32

1st Place: Alton Lister 91


Giannis needs 22 blocks to match the 2nd ranked guy on this list Ervin Johnson. If Giannis can maintain his 1.5 BPG average over the hypothetical next 18 games that would give him 27 more blocks this postseason and put him in sole possession of 2nd place on this list. Positioning him for a chance to break Lister’s total next season.


The aforementioned shows how close Giannis is to breaking some big records for the Bucks as he continues to climb the leaderboards towards becoming the greatest Buck ever.


Khris Middleton lightning round

Regular season

Points (14th)

Rebounds (22nd)

Assists (19th)

Steals (11th)

Blocks (Not top 50)

3PM (3rd)

Post Season

Points (18th)

Rebounds (28th)

Assists (20th)

Steals  (12th)

Blocks (33rd)

3PM (2nd)


Khris needs 22 threes this postseason to tie Ray Allen for 1st in Bucks playoff threes. If the Bucks beat the Celtics consider this a lock.


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