Bucks Hit Rock Bottom


Recap: Pathetic, disgusting, and agonizing are only a few words that describe how the Bucks “played” in their 110-98 loss at home to the Denver Nuggets. Totally unacceptable. Where do I begin? The coaching has been suspect all season long, and using the “youth” excuse to dismiss the Bucks poor play is, well, getting old.  It seems like the Bucks have totally lost interest in playing basketball, they can’t even do the fundamentals correctly. Own the future you say? Tough to do that when Jason Terry is outplaying Thon Maker and Rashad Vaughn on a nightly basis. The Bucks changed their lineup again, to feature Malcolm Brogdon at the point (hallelujah) and Rashad Vaughn at the 2. That “experiment” lasted 4 minutes before the Bucks were immediately getting ran out of the gym. The “defense” the Bucks play is god awful, and it’s so clear that there is a huge problem! The Bucks were down by as many as 31 tonight. Someone needs to be held accountable, and all eyes are on Jason Kidd. To me, Kidd has been lackluster at best, and I believe the Bucks would benefit from going in a different direction. Please.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (15pts, 9reb, 4ast, 0stl, 3blk, 6to): Ugh. Giannis was out of synch for most of the night, almost like a ghost took over the Greek Freak tonight. This marks two straight duds for Giannis, and it seems like he is getting more careless with the ball in his hands. His back must hurt from carrying the team night in and night out. While I fully expect him to bounce back, the turnovers and sloppy plays are definitely something to monitor as the season goes on. The stat line is “nice,” but most of those stats were piled up during garbage time. Grade: 50%

Khris Middleton (21 pts, 5reb, 5ast, 2stl, 0blk, 3to): Coming off the bench, “Khash” tried to ignite a Bucks comeback by hitting 7-12 shots for 21 points. The Bucks chipped away at Denver’s enormous lead thanks to his shooting and ability to drive to the basket. Middleton played well, all things considered but his defense looks slow. Rust is to be expected, and it’ll still be a while before Middleton regains his elite perimeter defense. Grade: 70%

Malcolm Brogdon (17pts, 2reb, 3ast, 3stl, 0blk, 1to): Malcolm Brogdon is here to stay in the starting lineup, and he more than deserves this opportunity. The offense just flows better when he’s running the show, and his ability to knock down three pointers at a high clip helps spread the floor for the Bucks. Although he’s a rookie, he certainly does not play like one. Brogdon’s offensive and defensive game has been worlds better than Matthew Dellavedova’s all season. Look for Malcolm Brogdon to make a strong push for Rookie Of the Year, you’ve earned it, rook. Grade: 68%

Jason Kidd: The Bucks attempted a new lineup, and it failed rather quickly. Rashad Vaughn (4 minutes) and Thon Maker (7 minutes)failed to really have any impact on the game partially because of Kidd’s horrendous rotations. Granted, this game was in garbage time early, but not playing your two young guys to gain experience is just a joke. Own the future? Clearly not. Jason Kidd prefers to give veteran swingman Jason Terry minutes, rather than giving the opportunities to the young guys. Disgraceful. Grade: 0%

Next up: The Milwaukee Bucks host the Los Angeles Clippers on March 3rd.


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