Brogdon had a really nice year for the Bucks averaging 15.6 points and joined the exclusive 50-40-90 club with exactly 50.5% from the field, 42.6% from the three and 92.8% from the free throw in just 64 games. Brogdon joins a great company with Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, and Mark Price. On March 16, Brogdon would be ruled out indefinitely with a plantar fascia tear in his right foot. Brogdon would return late in the second round against the Boston Celtics, and just in time for the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Highlights: Consistency
This year I loved the consistency Brogdon game in and game out. In the majority of the games, Brogdon played he was scoring double digits, shooting above 50% and made the most of his opportunity. Yes, he did have a few games he struggled with shooting and getting into double digits in scoring, but who doesn’t? Brogdon never had back-to-back games under 10 points and had one back-to-back game where he shot under 40% from the field, and that was in the third and fourth game of the season.

Lowlights: Assists Numbers
It’s hard to find the not-so-good moments for Brogdon this year. We can talk about the injury, but once Brogdon came back, he looked good. There were a few games this year he struggled, but then the next game he came back and played great, so the one thing I noticed was his assists numbers staying the same compared to last year at 3.2 per game. Brogdon usually played shooting guard but has had some chances to run the floor and we didn’t see much of that passing, which I can’t blame him. He’s a shooter and when you’re on a team with Giannis Antkempouko and Eric Bledsoe, it’s hard to have the ball in your hands on every possession.

Grade: A
Anytime you finish the season in the 50-40-90 club, I don’t see how you go below an A. Brogdon had an all-around good season as he was the third or fourth scoring option on the team behind Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton. Brogdon is only 26 and has a bright future ahead of him and with him going into free agency, it will be interesting where he ends up.

Role Next Season: Chicago Bulls starting PG
The Bucks this offseason have a choice to make – keep Middleton or Brogdon. My gut feeling is that they are going to keep Middleton due to extension Eric Bledsoe signed earlier in the season. Now, Brogdon is a restricted free agent, so the Bucks will have a chance to match any teams offer. The team I think Brogdon goes to is the Bulls, which makes sense. The Bulls need a point guard and shooting and Brogdon will deliver that. The Bulls love to overspend in free agency, especially for restricted free agents, which we saw last year in Jabari Parker. I think the Bulls and Brogdon would actually work together unlike the Parker situation. It’s also a win for Brogdon as well, he gets paid, becomes the dominant point guard and the Bulls look promising with Zach LaVine, Otto Porter and Lauri Markkanen. I would also watch out for another team in need of a point guard, the Phoenix Suns.


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