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Everything the Bucks have done this season has been the right move. They have a fantastic new stadium and are the last unbeaten team in the NBA. However, the team’s brand new alternate “City Edition” jersey has been released and the verdict is in, they’re not good. The Cream City Central staff as well as Milwaukee fans around the country have mixed feelings about the new digs. I am writing this article to give the people who do not like the new uniform a voice. I will be grading ten different aspects of the jersey on a scale of 1-10. I will add up all of the scores at the end to give a final grade. Here is my full breakdown of the 2018-19 Milwaukee Bucks “City Edition” uniform.

History: 10/10

Milwaukee decided to pay homage to their former arena with the new uniform. The MECCA Arena was the first home to the Milwaukee franchise. It is known for a court that is yellow, orange, red, and green. The Milwaukee Hawks played in this stadium from 1951-1955 and when Milwaukee changed its name to the Bucks, they stayed in the MECCA until 1988. Many basketball fans know about the MECCA and consider it one of the best classic arenas. It is nice to see the Bucks use their former stomping grounds as the base idea for their new uniforms.

Inspiration: 9/10

Like I stated before, the MECCA is known for its vibrantly colored court. The Bucks solely used the old court as an inspiration for the new jerseys. If someone is a Milwaukee fan, it does not take much time to figure out what they were getting at with the design. When creating alternate jerseys, it is seldom to see a team use an arena’s court as the base idea. The uniqueness alone gives this section a high score.

Creativity: 9/10

Using a throwback court is something other teams have not done when designing the new “City Edition” jerseys. No other team put the idea into practice and that shows a tremendous amount of creativity on Milwaukee’s part. They took a leap of faith instead of just playing it safe and that is something all fans can respect no matter what their opinions on the jersey.

Colors: 2/10

This is where things get bad for the new alternate uniforms. The jersey is a combination of 4 colors that do not mesh well together. The yellow, green, red, and mustard yellow/orange, may look cool on an arena floor but it does not look good on a uniform. There are better colors Milwaukee could have chosen, especially the blue that they use primarily as an accent color. A blue and cream uniform would have at least meshed better than this current jumbled color mess.

Lettering: 4/10

An interesting use of letters, numbers, and placement can help an okay jersey look good. Milwaukee missed the mark with their lettering in the “City Edition” uniform. The number and team name placement is different, which is something I like, but the color just does not look appealing. For one, green does not go good with any of the other colors on the jersey. Second, if Milwaukee was going for a MECCA tribute they should have used a more fluorescent green like the color on the court.

Trim: 0/10

A great trim can help a jersey stick out and add a certain boldness to it. As far as I can see the trim on this jersey is non-existent. I understand this is personal preference but many of the great jerseys in the past have some sort of effective trim. The Bucks missed an opportunity to add an important element of a jersey in their most recent design. A dark green trim, like the MECCA court has, would have made these uniforms stick out more.

Compared To Other “City Edition” Jerseys: 4/10

Milwaukee’s new alternates are not the worst in the league but they are also far from the best. Instead of being with the Nuggets, Warriors, Hornets, Celtics, and Timberwolves as having great alternates, they are in the bottom tier with teams like the Pistons, Thunder, Pelicans, and 76ers.

How The Players Will Look: 5/10

What accent colors do they wear? What shoes do they wear? These are the questions people who create uniforms should ask themselves in the design process. No matter what accent colors the players wear, there will probably be too much going on. On the bright side, the Bucks are a fun team to watch and no matter what they are wearing, I will still watch their games on the edge of my seat.

The new “City Edition” jersey. (Photo found on

Complete Design: 3/10

Granted, we do not know what the shorts look like for these jerseys but I know for a fact they won’t be able to cover up all of the shortcomings of the top. The Bucks missed the mark on a jersey many people were excited to see. When seeing the jersey for the first time I remember my first initial thought being, “Ugh.”

Fan Reaction: 5/10

Some people love this jersey and some people hate it. It is almost split right down the middle from what I have seen. If I ask 4 people what they think of the new uniform, I can guarantee 2 of them will like it and 2 will think its gross. If you like the jersey, buy one and rock it, if you do not, still continue to love the Bucks and everything that comes with them.

Total Score: 51/100

If we are grading based on the laws of the education system, with a 51/100, this jersey would be failing. Although the Milwaukee Bucks have a disappointing new “City Edition” jersey, at least the team has a lot of potential to make this a great season! Please comment below YOUR opinion on the new “City Edition” jersey.




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