Free Agency Preview: Kevon Looney


After the Ersan Ilyasova signing, who wouldn’t want to see another homecoming reunion? The former Hamilton High school product and 2015 firs round draft pick, Kevon Looney seems like a solid player who could fill a few roles on the Bucks and possibly become a starter under new Head coach Mike Budenholzer.

Career up to now:

Growing up in Wisconsin and always being around sports, the one name in the area that stood out was Kevon Looney. The high school awards for Looney seem like they just don’t end, earning McDonalds all American honors along with Mr. Basketball by the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association.

Looney was an absolute animal at UCLA with 15 double-doubles in 36 games while not being the first option on the UCLA offense. A stellar freshman year had mock draft experts convinced he would leave after his freshman year and would be a lock for a top 14 pick in the 2015 draft.

Looney was relatively healthy during his freshman season but once the season ended and the draft was approaching, questions arise of the big mans hips which he had problems with prior to UCLA’s season opener. These concerns forced him to the 30th pick falling to an already loaded Golden State that needed help at the center position. Looney has two rings with the warriors despite being able to stay healthy. The rings can be used as leverage assuming the asking price for his talent is through the roof.

Fit with the Bucks:

One thing every Bucks fan can agree with is that the team absolutely needs help on the glass offensive and defensively. Watching as the Bucks gave up second chance after second chance was aggravating. Looney is a very aggressive rebounder specializing on getting offensive boards, which could be huge seeing Milwaukee’s additions of knockdown shooters.

If Looney were to sign with the Bucks, he would most likely play the power forward role which would make sense if the Bucks decide to let go of Jabari Parker. If this were the case you would be adding solid rebounding and a mismatch nightmare while losing a solid second scoring option for a relatively cheaper penny.


Stated earlier, rebounding is Kevon’s best attribute. Being able to get second chance opportunity’s can be the deciding factor in whether or not a team wins or loses any given night.

Looney also is very smart with the ball and the shots he takes. A solid 58% is about as good as it gets for bigs. Looney is only 22 years old and has the experience of playing with a championship caliber franchise.


People were not really given the opportunity to see Looneys full potential. When you’re on a team with four other superstars, it makes it hard to gain recognition especially when your role is to just grab rebounds and dish the ball to Steph or KD.

Most of the buckets that Looney gets are through easy put backs, fast break chances, and the foul line. We don’t know how fine tuned his offensive game is because he’s never been a featured part off an offense.

Kevon has only been in the league for 3 years but has never played more than 66 games in a season. That alone could scare away NBA teams if a 22 year old loaded with potential has a nagging hip injury dating back to UCLA pre-season.


It almost seems ironic that the one thing the Bucks really need is rebounding and the skill Kevon Looney specializes in is rebounding. If the former Hamilton standout can provide that to the deer I’m sure it would make a lot of people happy.

In my opinion, I think Looney will be asking for a lot more than he’s worth at the moment. Teams would most likely want to see how he would preform on any team not named the Warriors. If the Bucks were to sign him, I think a 1-yr prove it deal would be the best-case scenario to prove he is healthy and willing to carry a heavy rebounding load.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Jabari and the future of the Bucks at a crucial power forward position. #Bucksin6


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