Let’s appreciate the Bucks playing again


The coronavirus pandemic couldn’t possibly spoil Milwaukee’s great season

This very rare Milwaukee Bucks season needs to have proper closure, not end on a cliffhanger.

None of us were 100 percent sure we’d be seeing the Bucks on the court again this year. The coronavirus pandemic almost ruined one of Milwaukee’s best seasons ever. For two months, we thought that might be the reality. But with the season set to resume at Disney World at the end of July, it could not come at a better time for the Bucks.

Milwaukee will get a good chance to salvage what’s left on their schedule for the remaining eight regular-season games, and seize the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The team was on a three-game skid before the league’s stoppage and Giannis had a bum left knee. The Bucks were in a weird situation.

Actually, the entire atmosphere in Orlando is going to be weird. The Bucks won’t be seeing Fiserv Forum with fans in the seats again until next year (perhaps), so they’re going to have to play great with just a few family members in the stands and maybe some 2K crowd noise. But Milwaukee is more than capable of playing great basketball.

The Bucks are still in prime position to clinch the best record in the East. They are 6.5 games ahead of the Raptors for the top spot. So with eight games left on the schedule, Milwaukee’s magic number to clinch the #1 seed is two. Home-court advantage won’t exist. Most importantly, however, the Bucks will have the reigning MVP fully healthy.

Will Giannis be rusty once the season resumes? Likely so. He doesn’t have a hoop at home, so he couldn’t play basketball for two months before he was finally allowed back in the team’s facility. There’s no reason to think he hasn’t been in the gym every day while he’s had the opportunity to be. But he and the rest of the squad will eventually get back into complete basketball shape. Let’s not forget what The Greek Freak was doing when he was in shape. He averaged 29.6 points per game in 31 minutes on 55 percent shooting overall, all with a player efficiency rating of 34.82. That’s what the MVP does. He makes the Bucks the powerhouse they are.

Giannis is one of those players who loves feeding off energy. It hypes the players and the coaches. We see the emotion from the mean mug almost every game. He won’t have fans to help with that, but he has the team’s energy. With more energy comes more confidence, and when Giannis gets confident, so does the team. The Bucks are already dangerous as they are, but when they have that emotional support, they’re incredibly dangerous.

I get it. It won’t be as exciting watching the team on TV in the playoffs than if we were seeing them at Fiserv Forum. But let’s appreciate the fact we’ll be seeing the Bucks do what they do once more. We weren’t even sure we’d get to this point again in 2020. 

Just remember, a season without fans is better than no season at all. And with the season’s resumption imminent, the Bucks can continue their quest for greatness. 


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