On Wednesday morning, it was made public that Bucks point guard, Eric Bledsoe, is very much on the trading block. However, it is very unlikely that Milwaukee will deal the veteran guard to the first team who inquires about him. Milwaukee’s front office knows that Bledsoe is a valuable part to their championship aspirations and the return will have to be better than Bledsoe’s current production. Also, due to salary constraints, there are players who could fit for Milwaukee but a trade would involve a major roster overhaul so those kinds of trades are extremely unlikely. Here is a list of players the Bucks could or should trade for using Eric Bledsoe as the main piece.

Robert Covington

Robert Covington has been linked to the Milwaukee Bucks since this past offseason. Covington is a versatile, experienced wing, who is most know for his defensive prowess. At 6’7”-6’8”, Covington has the size and speed to guard almost every position on the court. He has excellent switch ability and would give Milwaukee a lockdown defender in their lineup. Although defense is his calling, Covington is also a career 12.7 points per game guy who shoots 36% from three for his career. A starting lineup of George Hill, Khris Middleton, Robert Covington, Giannis, and Brook Lopez is a defensive nightmare for opposing teams and would certainly make the team better than they currently are. The Bucks could probably get Covington away from the Timberwolves in a straight up trade but if needed, they would have to give up their first round pick. In this instance, Covington is still worth it. Maybe then, the Bucks could ask for a player like Shabazz Napier to even out the deal. 

D.J. Augustin 

The Orlando Magic have themselves one of the most underrated, sharpshooting point guards in the league when it comes to D.J. Augustin. He is a point guard who plays very similarly to George Hill which can make for an easy transition between the first and second units. However, if the Bucks were to give up Eric Bledsoe for D.J. Augustin straight up, Orlando would be absolutely robbing the Bucks. For Milwaukee to make a fair trade with the Magic and still acquire Augustin, they should also look at a guy like Evan Fournier. Fournier is lightning in a bottle and has been a prolific scorer in the league since 2015-16. He would fit perfectly in the offense without having to make many adjustments and his defense is good enough to stay on the floor. In a situation where Milwaukee would try to acquire Augustin and Fournier, they would have to give up more than just Eric Bledsoe. In this scenario, a trade involving Bledsoe, D.J. Wilson, Dragan Bender, and even a first round pick would be sufficient in acquiring Augustin and Fournier. Yes, the Bucks would be giving up plenty of young assets but they are in win now mode and these two players would definitely help them. 

Al-Farouq Aminu

Sticking with the Orlando Magic, if the Bucks didn’t want to give up young assets to obtain another point guard in Augustin and a wing, they should put their eyes on Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu is essentially the Great Value version of Robert Covington. He is a tad bigger and slower than Covington but that’s why the Bucks wouldn’t have to give up as much for him. As a career 34% shooter from three, Aminu could give the Bucks an energy guy off the bench who could prove valuable in the playoffs. If the Bucks trade Eric Bledsoe for D.J. Augustin and Al-Farouq, they could even find a way to finagle themselves into an extra second round pick or a young player from the Magic like Melvin Frazier or B.J. Johnson. 

Bogdan Bogdanovic 

Like Covington, Bogdanovic has been linked to the Bucks ever since they needed help at the wing position. Defensively, Bogdanovic leaves a lot to be desired but offensively, if he was on the Bucks, he would be a legitimate NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award finalist. Bogdan is a sharpshooter who also has a knack for getting to the rim and finishing through contact. Throughout his career he has also posted nice assist numbers showcasing his ability to get all teammates involved. The only problem with acquiring Bogdanovic is the fact that Bledsoe’s value is greater than his and that is why the Bucks would also have to ask for Corey Joseph in the deal. Joseph would provide a point guard similar to George Hill who could competently run the second team. 


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