The Milwaukee Bucks Season In Gif’s


Coming into the 2017-2018 NBA season, Milwaukee Bucks fans were in a good place. A new GM, a new arena on the horizon, an MVP caliber player in the starting lineup, and a pretty solid supporting cast around Giannis.

48-50 wins was not a crazy expectation, and most expected the Bucks to compete for a three or four seed in the east — meaning home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. But instead, the season has taken a turn for the worst.

As I write this Milwaukee holds on tight to seventh place in the Eastern Conference standings at 39-34 and are bracing themselves for a schedule that only gets tougher down the final stretch. Maybe the team rallies together and makes a final push for the playoffs with the return of Malcolm Brodgon and Matthew Dellavedova, or maybe the team continues to struggle defensively allowing the Pistons to make a run at the 8 seed.

No matter what happens, there is no questioning that this season has been one horrible roller coaster ride for Bucks fans, and more notably the Bucks twittosphere. Feel free to laugh along at these gifs that sum up the 2017-2018 season in a nutshell.

  1. Taking what you thought was a big step in the right direction after a big win, only to lose to a team who is tanking the next game.

Remember game one after the All-Star break when the Bucks went to Toronto and beat the #1 team in the East in Overtime? And then remember when they followed up that huge momentum shifting win four straight losses to sub-par teams? Yeah, me too.

2. Giving up way too many threes night after night.

The Bucks gave up 24 three pointers to the Denver Nuggets. That’s one shy of an NBA record. Need I say more?

3. Getting bullied in the paint by bigger teams.

Thon Maker is 7’1 but don’t let that trick you into thinking he should be an NBA center. Ideally Maker is a pick and pop type of guy who plays more on the perimeter, but thanks to lack of depth at the position he has been thrust into defending the likes of Dwight Howard or Demarcus Cousins. What a time to be alive…

4. Lineups that make you say whaaaatttt?

Now don’t get me wrong, Jason Terry has had a great NBA career and has an NBA finals ring. But I had to laugh the other night after looking at the box score and seeing that the 40 year old had logged 30 minutes against the Bulls. From Jason Terry to Marshall Plumlee and even Xavier Munford at times, these are guys that ideally aren’t seeing more than five minutes every few games. But I guess Joe Prunty thinks otherwise.

5. Trade rumors and coaching change rumors flying around every other day.

From Gery Woelfel to Adrian Wojnarowski, rumors have circled the Bucks all year. Although a few of these rumors proved to be true in the end, a good chunk of them were incorrect. It all started around the trade deadline when rumors about a trade for Eric Bledsoe came to life, and has continued through the season most recently around coaching change rumors and Jabari Parker contract talks. Bucks Twitter has undoubtedly been exhausting to keep up with.


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