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Every team in the NBA has a name that symbolizes the franchise, the fans and the city or state they represent. When Milwaukee was awarded a franchise in 1968, the fans choose “Bucks” as the official team name because the white-tail deer is the state animal of Wisconsin. Now the Bucks have an awesome mascot in Bango, and even their own motto “Fear The Deer”.

Having a great basketball team in Milwaukee is a thrill, but having a group of guys that are full of heart that has fun playing basketball is the cherry on top of the custard. Each player on the Milwaukee Bucks has their own nickname that adds to the charm of the team. As the team makes their way through the playoffs, it is important to keep up with all the names. Read all the Milwaukee Bucks players nicknames below!

Breaking Down The Milwaukee Bucks Nicknames

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Nickname: Greek Freak

Giannis came over to the NBA after growing up and playing professional basketball in Greece. The freak part refers to the fact that he is the type of athlete we rarely see. His combination of speed, strength, pure athletic ability, and intelligence makes him a sheer force in the NBA. Also, according to an infamous Instagram live video, he is also called freak for another reason, but we won’t get into that here.

Eric Bledsoe

Nickname: The Bledshow

This name came from Eric Bledsoe’s flashy play on the court. His slick moves on offense make everyone around him better, and he is a walking highlight reel. It is called putting on a show for a reason. And show rhymes with Bledsoe so it makes sense…everyone loves a good pun.

Khris Middleton

Nickname: Khash

This name comes from Khris Middleton’s 3-point making ability. He has the skills to light it from anywhere beyond the arc and no moment is too big for Khash Middleton. Again, another play on words. Cash usually starts with a “C” like Chris. However, in this case, they both start with a “K”. Khaaaash money.

Malcolm Brogdon

Nickname: The Prez
This nickname started during the combine when NBA executives would call him Mr. President. Malcolm Brogdon thinks it came from the fact that he looked, sounded and carried himself like former president Barack Obama. This former Rookie of The Year is now Vice President of the NBPA Executive Committee. Perfect.  

Brook Lopez

Nickname: Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a water log ride at Disney where you splash straight down into the water, similar to how a basketball looks when it is a “swish”. Brook Lopez has hit his stride from 3 and got the nickname because his shots are wet. Lopez also owns a house in Orlando because he is a die-hard Disney fan.

Ersan Ilyasova

Nickname: Turkish Thunder

This nickname came from the fact that Ersan is from Turkey, and because he rains down threes. Very simple and straight to the point like any good nickname should be.

Nikola Mirotic

Nickname: Threekola

This name is a combination of three and Nikola. He got this name because he makes a lot of threes. It is also his Twitter handle so it is official.

Donte DiVincenzo

Nickname: Big Ragu

The name comes from Donte’s red hair and his Italian ancestry. The color is similar to red Ragu spaghetti sauce. He even has an Italian passport and is eligible to play for the Italy National Team.

D.J. Wilson

Nickname: Lanky Smoove

D.J. got this name while playing basketball at Michigan. It comes from his being tall and skinny, but moving with finesse. Lanky Smoove is D.J. Wilson’s Twitter name, so it is safe to say he approves of the nickname.

Pat Connaughton

Nickname: Planet Pat

Pat’s basketball play is out of this world, hence the planet part. Again, it is his Twitter name so that confirms it.

Sterling Brown

Nickname: Downtown

He got this name from taking deep threes, which are known as “downtown” plus it rhymes with his last name.

The Bucks are a unique team full of heart and personality, and those are two of the many reasons people all over Wisconsin are excited about this team. No matter if you are an old fan, new fan or are hopping on the bandwagon, people are falling in love with this team and this franchise. Bucks in 6!

Giannis, Khris, and Tony slapping hands


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