2017 Depth Chart Projections: Tight End

The Packers have been scrambling to fill the void at tight end after Jermichael Finley suffered a career ending injury. In a matter of about three days this spring, the Packers made tight end a position of strength with the acquisition of Martellus Bennett and former Wisconsin Badger and Milwaukee native Lance Kendricks. Richard Rodgers went from being the Packers top option at tight end to number three very quickly.

One thing I think Packers fans will be pleasantly surprised with is how well both Marty Bennett and Lance Kendricks will not only obviously help in the passing game, but both guys are very good run blockers. Thanks to Bill Belichick, today’s NFL offenses are utilizing two tight end sets more frequently. With Bennett and Kendricks, the possibilities from the two tight end sets are endless.

  1. Martellus Bennett: With no disrespect to Jermichael Finley or Jared Cook, Bennett is probably the most talented tight end that Aaron Rodgers will have the opportunity to throw to. Last year for New England, Bennett caught 55 passes for 701 yards and seven touchdowns. Those numbers are solid, but not eye popping. Bennett was also the number two option at tight end behind Rob Gronkowski. The “Black Unicorn” is not only a major threat in the pass game, but will be a major upgrade in the run game as well. Bennett is a tremendous run blocker. There are very few TE’s in the NFL that can contribute in both the run and pass game the way Marty can. Not really football related, but he also seems to be quite a character in the locker room.

Image via Sporting News

2. Lance Kendricks: This is a name that Packers fans probably recognize. Lance is from Milwaukee and was a first team all Big-Ten performer for the Badgers in 2010. Prior to signing with the Packers this offseason, he spent his entire career with the Rams (2011-2016). We all know the situation the Rams have had at quarterback for sometime now, so it is not uncommon for players receiving numbers to not be very impressive. Despite inconsistent quarterback play last year, Kendricks caught 50 balls for 599 yards and two touchdowns. I know nothing is guaranteed, but it’s safe to say he will probably be more productive with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball than he was with the likes of Case Keenum and Jarred Goff.

image via Packers.com

3. Richard Rodgers: I never had a problem with Richard Rodgers. I think he is a decent tight end, just not a number one tight end. Well now he finds himself as the teams third and final tight end. Last year Rodgers only caught 30 passes for 271 yards and just two touchdowns. With two men ahead of him on the depth chart, he will probably see his snap count on offense go down considerably, making his main contributions on special teams.

Image via Pro Football Talk


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