Aaron Rodgers’ career, when and how it will end.


Josh Amacher (@josh_amacher):


Aaron Rodgers has had a heck of a career. From overcoming the Brett Favre Saga to becoming one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever play the position, Rodgers is the miracle every Packers fan was hoping for after the departure of Brett Favre. Rodgers’ career though? It has been different, at least in the health category. While Brett Favre set the record for the most consecutive starts (297), Rodgers hasn’t been so lucky. He has been prone to injury, even showing signs of discomfort this offseason. Rodgers has at most three solid years left in his career, I don’t think he can make it to 40 years old and still be effective. 


Although the question of “when” Rodgers’ career will end, the more intriguing question is “how?”. The Packers literally one the lottery when they drafted Aaron Rodgers back in 2005. Almost 15 years later, that risqué move of drafting him at pick 24 was largely critiqued. Today, we all know who Aaron Rodgers is, there is no question. But unlike the Favre departure, Packers fans can only hope that Rodgers’ goes smoother, because it couldn’t be worse than Favre’s. Rodgers’ career will end on his own terms, or on his body’s terms. The latter is more likely. Rodgers has shown that he can and will play through injuries (like playing through a literal broken leg last season). It all started back in 2013 with Rodgers’ collarbone, then in 2014 with his hamstring/calf. Then in 2017 with his other collarbone, then last season with a broken leg. The history of injury is there, which doesn’t say Rodgers’ is a poor leader or a quitter. It is to say, however, that his body isn’t and won’t be as mobile as it once was. Not surprising, the Packers will have to cater to Rodgers’ physical restrictions on the football field. Rodgers will still try and make those no-no-no-yes plays on the field, but that doesn’t mean he should. I believe Rodgers will be forced into retirement not by himself, not by his coaches nor his peers, but by his body. His body will tell him when it is time, and by the looks of it, it may be sooner rather than later. Rodgers’ legacy? That is still TBD. There is no doubt he is a unique story, one that writers love to tell. Rodgers’ career will come to an end, and when it does, we will be looking back wishing for a healthier end-of-career conclusion. 


Ryan Dietrich (@DietrichRyan):


The time is now. Aaron Rodgers will be turning 36 years old during next season and it is time to start thinking about life after A-Rod. Before anybody thinks about the Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers, they should think about WHEN that is likely to happen. Rodgers has had two major injuries in his career, both dealing with a collar bone and he has had many, MANY smaller dings. He has dealt with MCL, calf, and concussion issues and because he is getting older, these injuries will start to add up and take their toll. Aaron Rodgers’ current contract takes him through the 2022 season ending when he will be 39. Luckily, number 12 realistically has 2 more elite seasons and 1 mediocre one left in the tank which will all be with the Packers. After the 2022 season, the Green Bay Packers will be ready to move on from Aaron but he will want to continue playing. This is where things might get interesting in Title Town.


Aaron Rodgers is an ultra-competitive NFL quarterback who will never accept a backup role. When the league passes up Rodgers, he is the type of guy who will just retire before spending a season on the bench. However, after 2022, which is Rodgers’ last season contractually obligated to Green Bay, there will be teams like the Bengals, Buccaneers, and Dolphins who are always desperate for quarterback production. Sometime during that off-season, there will be a team who offers Rodgers a two-year deal that allows him to start through his age 41 season. As a Packer fan, it will be weird to see Rodgers in a uniform that isn’t a Green Bay uniform. Although, it still won’t be weirder than seeing Brett Favre in a Vikings jersey (Yes, I still think about that).The end of Aaron’s career will be after the 2024 season where he will retire during the summer months as one of the greatest quarterbacks to step on an NFL field.

(Photo Caption) Since Bart Starr, the Green Bay Packers have had 3 quarterbacks play after their age 36 season. Together, they have combined for a record of 51-46-1 with an average completion percentage of 59.7. Also, they have averaged 2,808 yards per season, 17 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions.


Anthony Radeka (@Deks42)


The old saying goes “I ain’t getting any younger.” It’s easy to think that this might have hit home this off-season, as the Green Bay Packers had an aggressive approach in revamping its defense. Could this have been done in efforts to cement Aaron Rodgers into the All-Time debate? Entering his 15th season (12th as starter) at the young age of 36, Rodgers has already had a Hall of Fame career, but when will he finally hang it up? He has expressed that he wants to play till 40 but with a few injuries in the last handful of seasons is that attainable? What will his career numbers rank when he does retire? Can or will he catch Tom Brady? These are just a few questions that every cheese head has pondered. Rodgers seems like a legacy kinda guy. A guy who will know when father time comes calling and will go out on his terms. Leaving a lasting legacy of only green and gold. Realistically his contract is good through 2023 (Age 39) Leaving him a free agent at age 40. It would be up to Green Bay on if they would want to see Rodgers stay in Titletown, or go the road they did with Favre and let him walk. Either way, lets take a look at his career numbers and project where he might end up in the greatest of all time conversation (G.O.A.T)  As of today, Rodgers has 3,560 completions on 5,492 attempts, for 42,944 yards and a ridiculous 338 touchdowns to only 80 interceptions. His 4.22 TD/INT ratio is best all-time. If Rodgers can maintain his health and get back to his MVP status, It isn’t crazy to see him touch 60,000 yards passing and the 500 TD club. If he wants to be considered into the greatest of all time debate he will need to win a handful of more super bowls and an MVP or two. With the recent success of quarterbacks who are playing well into their late 30’s early 40’s its not crazy to think Rodgers has another three, four elite seasons before tailing off. I can see Rogers last season being 2025, But it will be up to management whether or not Rodgers takes his last snap as a Green Bay Packer.


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