All bets are off, the Packers have set the standard for 2020


Former Packers wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion James Jones famously set the Packers’ 2019 prediction at 13-3. That was before the Packers’ season had started. 

After many NFL “analysts” and commentators made their predictions, things weren’t looking so hot for the 2019 Green Bay Packers. They had a new head coach in Matt LaFleur, a 2nd year General Manager in Brian Gutekunst, and a roster that had been depleted in years past. 

The Packers were coming off of two consecutive seasons in which they missed the playoffs, and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t looking like the Aaron Rodgers of old. 

The Packers found themselves in week 1 struggling on offense, making the Chicago Bears defense look like they hadn’t missed a beat. However, Aaron Rodgers gave his famous quote, “We have a defense” that night, and they never really looked back. It was full steam ahead. 

The Packers continued to win, losing only to the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Chargers, and San Francisco 49ers. The Packers eventually collapsed in the NFC Championship game although they exceeded expectations for 2019. 

After the NFC Championship game in which the Packers lost 20-37, Rodgers knew the Packers were just about where they needed to be.

“I think we are….just a little more consistent performance away from consistently playing with these guys,” Rodgers said during his post-game press conference

Moving forward, there is no doubt that the Packers have a lot of work to do, because they do. Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has basically admitted as much. The Packers just had a season that went unexpectedly positive, while at the same time emphasizing their biggest weaknesses. 

Those weaknesses have been not only confirmed in the tape but in the players that the Packers met with at the NFL’s scouting combine. 

They have met with large swaths of defensive players and several wide receivers thus far. From TCU WR Standout Jalen Reagor to Minnesota DB Antoine Winfield Jr, the Packers are covering all their bases. An in-depth list of the sit-downs that the Packers have had can be found here:

The best way to describe the mindset of Brian Gutekunst through this is simply his desire to build on the defense of Za’Darius and Preston Smith, and get Aaron Rodgers another weapon at WR. 

That’s simply it.

The Packers know where they are at with talent and where they aren’t. If they are going to improve moving forward it is going to have to be the willingness of Russ Ball and Gute to ensure the Packers are well equipped now without hindering their future. All hands on deck do point towards winning now

There is no doubt the Packers are going to try to squeeze out the remaining years of future HOF QB Aaron Rodgers. Why wouldn’t they?

What would make this upcoming year even more interesting (if it isn’t interesting enough) would be the Packers drafting a QB like Jacob Eason or Jordan Love at pick number 30. Aaron Rodgers has already come out supremely confident in his current abilities. Packers GM Brian Gutekunst, unlike what forme telling ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, “I’m confident (he is) not going to beat me out anytime soon,”. 

Is this a flashback to the Brett Favre & Aaron Rodgers 2005 situation? Highly doubtful. The real question is whether Aaron Rodgers would treat an incoming QB threat like Favre did, or whether Rodgers will sympathize with the new QB like he would have liked to be back in the day. 

Whatever happens, the Packers are simultaneously diving all in for today while focusing on the future.  




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