Booing the Packer GOAT


The Packers have the best quarterback in the league, and he’s not showing his hand regarding his future with the team. Well, he’s showing both hands to be more accurate. His throwing hand is stating he wants to retire a Green Bay Packer, and play into his forties. Great to hear, but his left hand keeps dropping LeBron James hints. I want the power to get paid as the best quarterback in the league every season. And I absolutely want Aaron Rodgers to be paid the most at his position every season, phenoms deserve incredible, over the top treatment. I want some people living life at a incredible level. I can say, “Ahhh, Aaron Rodgers is living it.” I get a moment of dopamine, and go back to my nonsense. I like when talent gets special treatment.

Although I support Rodgers negotiating a year to year deal, I’m not confident he’ll finish his career in Wisconsin if the deal gets done. If the Cleveland Cavaliers fans booed LeBron James, would you expect him to re-sign at the end of the season? I remember Packer fans booing Rodgers at least twice last season. They boo’d him when he took over for Favre, and from time to time after they won the team a Super Bowl, and expectations soared. Many fans would probably counter, we’re booing the front office or the offense has a whole.

Personally, I wouldn’t take that chance. He’s rather hard to replace, so I would go back to just yelling at the TV for only your kids to hear. In the game, before we lost our quarterback to a broken collarbone injury, for the second time, the Packers were down fourteen points in the first half in Dallas. There was fury by the fanbase, demanding A-Z be fired. If the game had started that way in Lambeau there would have been boo birds. Aaron Rodgers had one of his coolest performances ever, pointing to his name after the game winner to Davante Adams. Rodgers knows what he is, he pointed to his name and said, ‘yeah’.

The fanbase has booed the offense and Aaron Rodgers in games they’ve won. I would think the aloof (aloof’s one of my favorite personality traits) quarterback, still mad over teams passing on him years ago, takes notice of being booed in Lambeau, as a current Packer. The fans graced Brett Favre with silence if he made a mistake. Currently, if the Packers offense punts the ball down seven, it is completely unacceptable.

Look, Rodgers is showing signs of taking power over his career. That’s a great thing for the sport of football, but it puts the Rodgers-Packers relationship into this weird honors system. Unfortunately the fans play a part in this honor system. The desperation to win like the Patriots runs deep, and it’s causing child like outbursts, which again can be shared with your children in front of a TV.

My Pops was a huge Badgers fan, but he wouldn’t yell at a 21 year old from the stands. He certainly would in front of me, in the privacy of our home. It was a logical system to get out his frustration. He wouldn’t yell at players, coaches, or referees at my basketball games, he may break it down in the car later, but again it’s a better system. If you need to criticize the generational talent, do it behind his back for the sake of everyone.

Rodgers is dropping breadcrumbs of taking a very NBA approach to this situation. Not only in the leaked reports, but even just pointing to the name printed on his back, after carrying the team to another win at AT&T Stadium. We can keep this relationship going by walking on eggshells. He’s worth it.


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