I’ll be honest, it’s incredibly weird seeing Randall Cobb in a Cowboys jersey and Clay Matthews in a Rams jersey. It actually makes me miss them until I remember how poorly they both played for the Packers last season. 

In 2018, it looked like Cobb was done being the receiver the Packers needed. He struggled to shake defenders and get open and he didn’t have the same explosiveness he once had. Last year, as a Packer, Cobb couldn’t stay healthy and in turn, posted his lowest amount of catches, yards, and yards per target since his rookie year in 2011. For Clay Matthews, he looked like a shell of his former self last season. He was no longer being double teamed and couldn’t beat offensive linemen one on one like he used to. He posted career lows in sacks and tackles for a loss which explained why the Packers didn’t want to resign him. 

If we’re overreacting based on Week 1 performances, it looks like Cobb and Matthews could both be positive contributors to their respective teams this season. Yesterday, Randall Cobb finished with 4 catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. This was the most yards he has had in a game since Week 1 of last season when the Packers played the Bears. Cobb’s touchdown in yesterday’s game was a result of broken coverage by the Giants secondary. He ran a 25 yard post route and was unguarded allowing Dak Prescott to make the easiest throw of the night for a Randall Cobb touchdown. However, Cobb’s best play wasn’t his touchdown. Early in the 2nd quarter, he caught a 5 yard out route towards the right sideline and threw Giants defensive back, Antonio Hamilton, out of the way like he was a middle schooler trying to tackle Cobb. After the catch and shake off, Cobb ran for an extra 10 yards before being brought down. It was a great play that reminded me of what Randall Cobb was doing back in 2014. 

Clay Matthews finished his Rams debut with 3 tackles and a sack. This was the first sack Matthews registered since Week 14 of last season when he took down Matt Ryan in a Packers win. Clay’s sack came on the left side of the field on a slow developing play action where Matthews flew in the backfield untouched and was able to bring down Cam Newton. Earlier this month, Matthews stated he was excited to be playing in the same style of defensive scheme that he did with Dom Capers during his prime. 

If Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews have resurgent seasons, I’m all for it. Both of them are Packer legends and it will be fun to see what they can bring to other teams in the league. You can’t call yourself a Packer fan if you’re rooting against these two. 


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