With the 2020 NFL Draft coming up in a couple months, many Packer fans are asking the question, is this the year Green Bay drafts Aaron Rodgers’ predecessor? They may want to do it sooner rather than later considering the current Aaron Rodgers’ is not who he once was. It’s time to face the facts when it comes to the Green Bay quarterback and how much time he has left in the league.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had a “Rodgers season” since 2016 and frankly, he will never have one again. The Aaron Rodgers we have had the past two seasons is the Aaron we are going to get in the future. If you watched the Packers this year as well as last, it is tough to ignore the flaws that have been beginning to show within Rodgers’ game. While watching, it’s easy to see a step is gone when it comes to Rodgers as he has been significantly slower on his reads, he’s not a threat with his legs as he once was, and the accuracy isn’t where it needs to be. At times, Rodgers holds onto the ball too long hoping for the big play that’s never going to come. Aaron Rodgers’ may very well be just an average quarterback at this point in his career going on his age 37 season. Whether it’s the system he has been playing in or his ability, Rodgers just doesn’t stretch the field like he used too. 

One of the most important quarterback stats, QBR, has even shown an average quarterback in decline. In 2017, Rodgers’ ranked 10th out of qualified quarterbacks in QBR. In 2018, he ranked 20th. This past season, he ranked 18th which was even lower than 30 interception man, Jameis Winston. 

Sure, Aaron Rodgers still makes plays that make you think, “how the hell did he do that?” However, these plays are getting further and further apart from each other. The Packers can no longer count on Aaron Rodgers to carry an average roster to the Super Bowl. It’s tough to admit, especially because of how great Rodgers was in his prime, but people would be lying to themselves if they said they were confident about Green Bay’s quarterback situation moving forward. This is the year the Packers need to draft and groom a quarterback. It’s time to face the facts that Aaron Rodgers is an average quarterback in this league and can’t carry this Packer team like he used too. 


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