Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy hired now Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur with the thought of Aaron Rodgers going through his head. The Green Bay Packers had someone who was considered a quarterback “whisperer” in Mike McCarthy over a decade ago, but his presence became stale and clearly wasn’t doing a sufficient job near the end.


The Packers want another one of those quarterback “whisperers” and have gone with a young, successful man to lead the team in Matt LaFluer.


During Super Bowl Media Day, Rams Head Coach Sean McVay had to say this about LaFluer:

“When you talk about Matt, any time you’re looking for a great leader of men, I think he embodies a couple of the traits and characteristics that are definitely consistent with great leaders,” McVay said. “And one of the things he does such a great job of, that we try to do here, is he’s such a great human being that he develops relationships with people first and foremost.

“He’s one of my closest friends and the reason we got so close is not only because he’s a great football coach, but he’s a great person. And somebody like him makes you better.”

“He’s an extremely detail-oriented person that’s a great communicator. And I think those things are going to enable him to have a high level of success.”

McVay, a guy who has a coaching relationship with LaFluer has nothing but confident words to say of LaFluer.

The words coming from McVay shouldn’t be a surprise either.

First and foremost, LaFluer coached at Saginaw Valley State, Jeff Janis’ alma mater.

From there, LaFleur coached on the Houston Texans with Kyle Shanahan, Washington Redskins, Notre Dame, Atlanta Falcons (Matt Ryan’s MVP season), Los Angeles Rams with Sean McVay, then, of course, the Tennesee Titans as offensive coordinator.

LaFluer never stuck with a single job title throughout this course.

He served as:

  • Offensive assistant (Texans)
  • Quarterbacks Coach (Redskins, Falcons)
  • Quarterbacks Trainer (Notre Dame)
  • Offensive Coordinator (Rams, Titans)

If there is anything that his resume shows, it is the fact that he knows how to work on specifics within an offense, details which had been lacking in the Packers playbook this past season.

More specifically and obviously, he has experience with quarterbacks. From young quarterbacks to veteran quarterbacks, LaFleur has shown that he can bring any level to succeed.

The challenge for LaFluer is going to be working with Aaron Rodgers, and so he has developed his staff around Rodgers for just that.

The most obvious LaFleur hire that should click with Rodgers is new Quarterbacks Coach Luke Getsy. Getsy was previously with the Packers as the Wide Receivers coach but knows Rodgers and the tendencies that he has. There is no doubt that this hire was made so that Rodgers instantly feels comfortable in the Quarterbacks room.

Not in chronological order, but another issue the Packers faced last season was lack of points. Well, that should certainly change this year.

LaFleur hired former Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for the same position on the Packers’ staff. The point? He knows how to put points on the board. The Jaguars finished in the top 10 in the NFL in scoring in 2017. It’s an attractive stat for a team that needs to put points back on the board, something they had been doing at a great pace for many years, up until last season. Not only was Hackett able to lead the Jaguars into the endzone through the air, but on the ground. The Jaguars led the NFL in rushing during that 2017 season, which is something the Packers look to build on, their rushing attack.

One word that LaFleur used to describe Hackett is “organized” (per ESPN’s Wilde & Tausche radio show). The Packers offense must be organized if they want to put the offense back as the gold standard of the league.

As LaFleur’s coaching staff continues to form throughout the offseason, they will always have one person in mind when building on the offensive side of the ball, and that is Aaron Rodgers.


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