Last Minute Packers 7 round Mock Draft



This is the kind of draft the packers need to make to the Superbowl. 2017 Saints draft-esque. The Packers splurged in free agency to the dismay of trust in Ted worshippers across packer land. Gute didn’t fill all the holes on the roster and couldn’t have with the amount of cap available and the crazy spending going on. I had a couple rules for myself including no trades and over drafting players, something I struggled with if I didn’t think a player would be available with the next pick.


Round 1 Pick 12, Ed Oliver DT/DE Houston 6-foot-1 7/8, 287 lbs

At the start of the 2019 season Oliver was a consensus number 1 prospect, billed as the next Aaron Donald. Those comparisons have cooled off and Oliver has been rumored to drop out of top 10 overall. For argument sake even though I hate making these arguments because they have no context, Aaron Donald lasted till pick 13. As a prospect he blew up his Pro Day, reviving some top 5 talk but if the right teams pass on Oliver, mainly Buccaneers, Lions, Bills and Bengals I don’t foresee any other team ahead of us grabbing him. He would fit that best player available mentality and give us an heir apparent to Daniels when he becomes a free agent in 2020.

(Other Possible Picks: TJ Hockenson TE, Brian Burns Edge, Andre Dillard OT)


Round 1 Pick 30, Dalton Risner OT/OG Kansas State Height 6′ 5″, 313 lbs

Having position flexibility is important to the Packers and Dalton Risner fills that having played all positions of the offensive line. As a member of the Wildcats, Risner was a better pass protector than a run blocker and that’s ok with an all-world talent at QB. The Packers also have an athletic mold they like for their lineman and Risner fits that mold like a glove. The former wildcat does have some negatives making him available at 30, including going to be a 24-year-old rookie and having surgery on his left shoulder in 2017.

(OPP: Nasir Adderley FS, AJ Brown WR, Noah Fant TE)


Round 2 pick 44, Juan Thornhill FS Virginia 6′ 0″, 205 lbs

This pick for me honestly comes down to which best deep safety prospect is available. Nasir Adderley has 1st round written all over him so he more than likely is gone. That’s why my second favorite safety in this draft is Juan Thornhill. He moved from corner to safety last year and has absolutely amazing intangibles, highlighted in his combine performance. He is new to he position so he may need more time to develop but the ceiling is high on this Cavalier.


Either of these next two picks can be flipped depending on your value on the position or how the board falls.


Round 3 Pick 75, Kahale Warring TE, San Diego State 6’ 5” 252 lbs

When I had originally written about Warring it was just after the combine. My opinion was that if he had stayed in school another year, he would have been at least a day 2 pick but should go early day 3. Now I’m changing my opinion thinking he should go late day 2 because of his ceiling. Warring lit up the combine athletically but had some drops that seemed to be nerves as he got corrected by a coach and that seems to have taken him out of his proper head space. He isn’t exactly new to football but didn’t start playing until his senior year of high school which is why I think another year as the starter at San Diego State would have helped him tremendously. The Packers currently have 3 tight ends on the roster, which should allow for Warring to be a role player year one and to get ahold of NFL speed and technique to come in year 2 as the starter.

(OPP Andy Isabella WR, David Montgomery RB, Joe Jackson EDGE)


Round 4 Pick 114, Andy Isabella, WR, UMASS 5’ 9” 188 lbs

Depending on who you ask Isabella is either a round 2 prospect or a round 5 prospect. Even going to check out bigger talking head analysts the opinions are mixed. I like him and would be more than ok with him in the 3rd but I have faith that the receivers currently on our roster can get it done. This is more of a luxury pick of a player mold we don’t currently have. I once heard “you build your receivers room like a basketball team”. I can’t remember from who, but I agree. The Packers currently have a bunch of big guys but not a lightening quick little guy that can fit the slot role perfectly. There was talk that the Packers were looking for a stockier slot guy that can handle the violent role better than Cobb did, but they were also in talks with former Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley, who is smaller and lighter than Isabella.  Isabella was track star in high school, having beaten Browns number 4 overall pick Denzel Ward In the 100-meter dash.


Round 4 Pick 118, Oshane Ximines Edge

The Packers added a duo of pass rushers in the first wave of free agency to bolster the defense, but more depth is needed at a premium position. Ximines was once discussed as a possible 1st round prospect but as the season progressed that talk dissipated and now, he is closer to where he belongs on day 3. He is better suited for a 3-4 where he’ll be a stand-up rusher but may be only a situational rusher in the NFL. Has a wide variety of rushing moves and can hold his own against tight ends but may struggle against the run in the NFL. He doesn’t have elite athleticism to be a number one but if Pettine can get teams into 3rd and long like we see a lot of last year, Ximines can be a great contributor.


Round 5 Pick 150 Jalin Moore RB Appalachian State

Jalin Moore could have easily gone higher but he was suffering from an ankle injury since October that kept out of most pre-draft workouts. Moore looks like on of those running backs drafted later in the draft that will outperform his pick number. Matt Miller of Bleacher report describes him as “very good pass blocker-valuable addition to a backfield that has speed back in place-could be limited to outside zone schemes”. To me that breakdown screams Green Bay Packer.


Round 6 Pick 185 TJ Edwards TE Wisconsin 6’ 230 lbs

Not much of a no name to Wisconsin fans but won’t be the same player he was at Wisconsin. Not saying I’m not wishful for him but at the next level he would struggle to beat runs to the edge. He was great in coverage at Wisconsin but in NFL would be exploited if matched up against athletic tight ends, running backs and slot receivers.


I really struggled with these last 2 picks. I have no idea who would be available there. A bunch of no names. Who knew anything about Hunter Bradley or Kendall Donnerson before the draft last year?


Round 6 Pick 194 John Baron ll, K, San Diego State

Ok, I’ll admit I don’t watch kickers. I know they are important, but I don’t find it entertaining so I will be quick with this one, He is competition for our ageing kicker that struggled last year. Yes, they picked up a kicker from the Seahawks, but he is 3 for 6 in his career with his 3rd NFL team.

Round 7 Pick 226 No idea

This pick is more than likely going to be some athletic freak or special teams role filler. I would bet on freak since we got a kicker in this mock





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