Matt LaFleur’s June 5th Press Conference


It’s been a crazy week throughout America. We are still dealing with the pandemic and now fighting for social injustice after the death of George Floyd. On Tuesday, the Green Bay Packers were scheduled to have Left Tackle David Bakhtiari and new Linebacker, Christian Kirksey, speak to the media, but given what has happened with protesting, riots, and emotions flying high, it was postponed. Today the Packers had their head coach Matt LaFleur talk to the media with his thoughts about the injustice, the team, and football.

Throughout the week LaFleur has talked with his players and coaches about the recent events happening in America, “When I saw that video, it was appalling. Here we are in 2020 and this stuff is still ongoing. I’m just trying to listen to our players and my closest friends.” LaFleur did have a powerful message to the media regarding his team and what we can do.

“Everyone needs to take a good hard look of themselves in the mirror. I don’t know what it’s like to be a black man in America, but what I do know is that I can listen and I told them I will do whatever that needs to be done to end racism and police brutality. We are all equal.”

Another power message was given yesterday by the Packers players and LaFleur. The Packers’ social media pages posted a video that “Enough is enough.” It included Mason Crosby, Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Amos, and others. “Aaron Rodgers took the bull by the horns and wrote a specific piece that we would all say at the beginning and the end,” said LaFleur.

But that is not all that LaFleur and the Packers want to do. NFL players last night released a video that featured Saquon Barkley, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, Odell Beckham Jr., Patrick Mahomes, and others, that called out to Black Lives Matter. The Packers head coach hopes to see more of that.

“We have such an incredible platform. I’m just hopeful the rest of society will listen to our players.”

There haven’t been any conversations on this topic among the Packers, but kneeling has been a possibility throughout the NFL. Today Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson said that he plans on kneeling during the anthem this season. Also, today President Donald Trump tweeted out his support for what New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had to say and insisted that there should be no kneeling during the anthem.

“That’s not something that’s come up specifically. I’m looking forward to having those conversations with our players. My mindset and I think I can speak for our organization, is we are going to support our players and what they want to do, provided that it’s peaceful,” said LaFleur.

Football hasn’t been much of a topic recently, but LaFleur is hopeful that the season will start on time, as well as a training camp. If training camp were to start on time, LaFleur plans on bringing the rookies in a week before the rest of the team. In the meantime, LaFleur did provide a statement:

“Things are bigger than football and this is one of them. This is such a great opportunity for us to listen to our black community.”


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