Well if you have been living under a rock for the past few days, were stranded on an island for five years and just got rescued and your first interaction with the internet was to stumble upon Cream City Central’s page; in that case welcome back. Then you might not have a guess as who the player of the week, and for everyone else who is Cream City Central’s offensive player of the week, lets all say it together now “Aaron Rodgers“.

Yes that’s right Aaron freaking Rodgers. For those of you who do not or might have had one too many drinks and don’t remember lets do a small recap. To start the game the Packers were forced to punt because of an offensive holding that stalled the drive. The Chicago Bears then drove the field on 10 plays for a touchdown. Big deal, we’ve seen the Packers defensive give up first drives touchdowns all the time.

Well after that the Packers gave up a field goal, they were quickly down 10 points. The Packers got the ball and with 9:18 left in the second Rodgers gets sacked by Roy Robertson-Harris and goes down with an apparent knee injury. This did not look good for the Pack as Khalil Mack terrorized the Packers and went down 20-0 going into the second half.

Aaron Rodgers comes back in the second half down 20 points and shows why he is the highest paid player in the league and one of the best players to play quarterback ever by throwing 3 touchdowns (All in the 4th quarter) including the game winning touchdown to Randall Cobb to beat the Bears 24-23.

The first came early in the 4th with 14:07 left finding Geronimo Allison on a streak route deep in the right side of the end-zone. Reminded me of so many plays with Rodgers and Jordy (R.I.P) where the catch was outstanding and the throw was in a place where only Allison could come up with it.

The Packers defense forces a three and out and the Packers get the ball back and drive the field again, this time finding Davante Adams on a 12 yard passing touchdown where Adams absolutely cooks Prince Amukamara.

The Bears milk the clock and get a field goal to put them up 23-21, giving the ball back to the green and gold with 2:39 left, and as usual that is way too much time as it only took 10 seconds off the play clock to find Randall Cobb for the 75 yard touchdown to seal the win for the Packers 24-23.

Honestly this game had a better written story than the last 5 movies that I have seen the the theaters (excluding Deadpool 2), you could not script a better comeback for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers finished the game 20-30 3 touchdowns and 286 yards. I can already see NFL films making a mini-movie about this game, and it will go down as one of the all-time greatest comebacks for the Packers in Lambeau.

(All stats via pro-football-reference.com & media from Packers.com)



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