Offensive Player of the Week: Week 2


“It was terrible”-Davante Adams. I couldn’t agree more Davante, for this quote alone Davante could get Cream City Centrals Offensive Player of the Week. Thankfully Davante had the stats to earn the player of the week in a game that was controversial to say the least.

There is not much that needs to be said about the game against the Vikings that has not already been said, so I will keep the summary short and sweet. Packers had ample opportunities to win the game, with the help of the refs the Vikings came back and because neither kickers could hit a field goal it ended in one of the worst outcomes in all of sports…a tie.

As for the offense, 29 points against last year’s number 1 defense is a pretty solid outing. There were a number of players who had solid games who I considered for player of the week, including Jimmy Graham (6 catches for 95 yards), Geranimo Allison (6 catches for 64 yards) and Jamal Williams (71 total yards and some great blocking).

In the end, it had to go to the player who scored the Packers only touchdown. You can tell Aaron Rodgers certainly has players that he trusts out on the field, and with long-time number one man Jordy Nelson gone Davante Adams has easily become Rodgers number 1 option.

You can tell Rodgers wanted to close the game out at the end of the game when instead of running the ball to milk the clock they passed it twice. Regardless of outcome or choice of going for it or running the ball, it shows that Davante is the number one guy for Rodgers.

As for the stats, Adams was thrown at a team high 12 times throughout the game and hauled in 8 of those 12 (66% catch rate), including the Packers only touchdown, during the start of the second quarter on a simple out route for 9 yards.

Taking ankles is one of Adam’s specialties and this touchdown is no different, putting the moves on two of the Vikings better defenders in Anthony Barr and Xavier Rhodes. Adams also made a 13 yard catch on the old reliable route a.k.a the quick slant that set the Packers up in the red-zone. The rest of his catches on the day were for far shorter yardages than he is used to, but the biggest thing was Adams consistency throughout the game.

Going up against the number one defense from last year you need to take what you can get, and although it was not a perfect game from Adams, he showed that the Cheese do not have to fear the Vikings next time that they face off in Minneapolis on November 25th. Until then the Packers have a lot to look forward to, having another week for Rodgers and Adams to get healthier, the return of Aaron Jones and a four-week span of games verse less than stellar teams. (Redskins, Bills, Lions and 49ers).


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