Offensive Player of the Week: Week 4


The Packers improve their record to 2-1-1 on the season with a 22-0 win over the Buffalo Bills in Lambeau on Sunday. Who is deserving of Cream City Centrals Offensive Player of the Week? Well the defense of course. With the offense looking down right sloppy the star of the day was on the opposite side of the ball, having Green Bay pitching their first shut out since 2010.

I obviously can actually give the defense the offensive player of the week, no matter how deserving, but I did want to highlight just how important of a roll that they played in their win verse Buffalo.

If you have been reading the offensive player of the week for the past couple of weeks you probably noticed that I try not to give the award to Aaron Rodgers because it wouldn’t make for much suspense week to week. This week I can honestly say that Rodgers was not in my consideration for this week because quite frankly he did not play at his highest level despite looking the healthiest he has looked since his leg injury week 1, because of this CCC’s Offensive Player of the Week is going to Aaron Jones, the co-offensive player of the week from last week.

Going over the stats, Jones carried the ball 11 times for 65 yards and one score and caught 1 pass that went for 17 yards. Jones struck quickly as his first rush of the game went for 30 yards running through a hole that you could fit a pair of F-150’s through towards the end of the first quarter.

Some time after that in the second quarter Jones’ other big highlight play showed him catching and maintaining his balance turning what should have been a third down and 3 to a first down inside the redzone.

Efficiency is the name of the game for Jones as for the second time he saw the same amount of carries as Jamaal Williams, but Williams only gained 27 yards on 11 touches. With Jones’ impressive 17-18 campaign and two very solid games in the books, I do not know why we even have to have this conversation because Aaron Jones should be seeing the large majority of the touches week by week.

The Packers play a desperate 1-3 Lions team at noon next week, when teams are backed up against a corner they are the most dangerous. That being said if the defense can even play half as well as they did this week and the offense returns to regularity the Packers should be fine.


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