Offensive Player of the Week: Week 5


I am very rarely a betting man, because every time I do bet I lose so I find it best to stay away from, but if someone told me that Aaron Rodgers passed for 442 yards and 3 touchdowns and zero interceptions and I had to choose an outcome 9 times out of 10 I would be saying the Packers win.

This is exactly why I stay away from the casinos because that is exactly the stat line for Aaron Rodgers and it resulted in a loss for the Packers against a poor 1-3 Lions team. How many weeks in a row are we going to be subdued with this torture? It just seems like these last 5 weeks have been the same every week. Bad calls by the refs, poor offensive play, terrible red-zone offense and Mike McCarthy not using Aaron Jones. You could tell this Packers team is wildly more talented than their foe the Lions and because of a lack of execution they lost a critical division game.

As frustrating as this Sundays game might have been, there were still a shred of silver lining. First lets remember that we were running a very inexperienced receiving core, with both Randall Cobb and Geranimo Allison out; and for the most part Marques Valdez-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown did a solid enough job. Sure they had some instances where their inexperience was evident but for the most part they did decent. With MVS finishing the day with 7 catches for 68 yards and a TD and St. Brown with only 3 catches but for a more than respectable 29.7 yards a catch and Equanimeous St. Brown turning what should have been a 20 yard reception into a much bigger 54 yard play to make up a large majority of his yards.

As usual though since like mentioned before that it seems like deja vu every week, who else would be Cream City Central’s Offensive Player of the Week other than Davante Adams. When Rodgers went down last season and Davante Adams still went off with Brett Hundley throwing him the ball I was all aboard the #PayTae movement. This year with his new contract is no different.

Adams led the Packers in both receptions and receiving yards last week (which has become the norm) with 9 receptions for 140 yards and a score. Another stat that I love to mention is target %. Anyone can rack up large enough numbers, but it is what you do with those numbers, and Davante was thrown to 12 total times and caught 9 of those passes with a target % of 75%. This is exactly what I want to see from our leading man, not only large stats but efficiency to go with those stats. My only issue is that I wish that Davante got involved sooner in the game, getting his first reception for 22 yards towards the middle of the second quarter.

Adams seems almost impossible to cover one on one in the red-zone, running a simple out route against the Lions number one corner Darius Slay Jr. Adams creates so much separation off of the first step that he practically walked into the end zone.

D.A. has been probably one of the most consistent figures in the Packers offense, him or David Bakhtiari and I would have given him a player of the game at some point but it is very hard to write an interesting piece on an offensive lineman (no offense David but I still see you grinding out there) Next Monday the Packers take on a sinking 1-4 49ers team, and if everything goes according to plan the Packers shouldn’t have a problem against them (which things rarely do). They will this game to go smoothly and the bye week after if they want a shot at taking down the undefeated Rams.

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