It already seemed like was going to happen even before it happened. The Packers had a fantastic first half (minus the last 2 minutes) Fight their way through a gritty second half and the Packer’s defense getting a critical stop to put the Rams up 2 and giving the Packers the ball with just over 2 minutes left. We have seen this before and we all knew what was going to happen, Rodgers was going to drive the field making a miraculous throw and Mason Crosby was going to kick the game winner to put the Packers right on track for the division and the playoffs.

The only problem was that even though we were in Hollywood the story book ending was thrown in the trash before it even started. Ty Montgomery fumbled the ball on the kick return, returning a ball he had no business taking out of the endzone in the first place. That one play was not the only folly for the Packers and can’t solely be blamed on him, but it is always hard to play such a tough opponent like the Rams and come out with nothing to show for it.

As for the offense, like so many games this season the Packers struggled to play 4 solid quarters of football. I feel like I am beating a dead horse here by saying the only player who are ever worthy of the Offensive Player of the Week are Aaron Jones and Davante Adams, but unlike Packers seasons in the past where there is a much more diverse spread of game heroes those two have been few of the only skill players who have shown up week to week.
This week is seems especially hard to choose between one of the other since they both put up fantastic stat line relative to their position groups with Aaron Jones leading the run game with 12 carries for 86 and an amazing 7.2 yards per carry and 1 score and Davante leading the wide outs with 5 catches but for 133 yards which lead the team.

The Offensive Player of the Week is going to be Aaron Jones, and not so much because he had a better game than Davante, but more because of what happened at the end of the game to seal the Packers fate. It just shows how important to the Packers offense having a running back that you can trust, and Jones became that guy. Thankfully with Ty out of the way and Jones’ touches steadily increasing week by week we can finally put this who is the number 1 back debate to rest.
Giving the only undefeated team in the NFL their first loss of the season would have been satisfying, but if there is any other team that isn’t in our own division that I love beating more it’s the New England Patriots. The Packers will need to bring everything they brought last Sunday if we want to beat the Pats in primetime.


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