Outrage Culture in Sports


Quick drawn hatred has reached the sports world, and it has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick and Trump. That’s a whole other topic. I was twitter conversing with a blogger who said he’s trying to pressure the Bucks to win a championship before his Dad dies. That’s insane, but in some way that’s become the normal. As society has become sensitive over every action, the sports world has retroactively picked up that energy.

Instead of being outraged over one sentence spoken in a human’s life, they’re outraged over any personnel move, coaching decision, or inevitable mistake on the field. The post game press conference gets considered and questioned as if it’s religious scripture. Actually, they consider it with far more energy than religion.

Tiger Woods was one of my dudes as a kid, I loved him. I learned quickly that telling the absolute truth to the press is worthless. It actually hurts your ability to perform. If Mike McCarthy or Jason Kidd/Joe Prunty actually said what the fans want them to say, it’d hurt team chemistry, and give the opponent a pretty solid scouting report.

“I’m so sick of that excuse!” The angry fan says one to three times a week, usually questioning if the excuse giver should remain employed. It may upset the mega fans, but you understanding what the team is doing, doesn’t help the team in any way. It can’t be a concern of their’s to explain their every thought process fully. It feeds the fire.

“This comment from the press conference enrages me the most!” The angry fan says one to three times a week, usually questioning if the speaker should remain employed.

“Mike McCarthy should be fired because his back up quarterback didn’t pan out!” The angry fan says, demanding the coach who led the team to eight consecutive playoff appearances and a Super Bowl title to be fired. And look, I’m saying fan, but the media is just as guilty of all this quick draw reactionary hatred.

No coach or general manager hits on ever single project, especially quarterback. Who in the league, has two quarterbacks on their roster that can lead their team to the playoffs? The best organization in football, the Vikings hit big on Case Keenum, and no one else. Mike Tomlin’s job is being questioned by the media and their fanbase, which is equally ridiculous. He’s a coach at McCarthy’s level, and they’ve never had a good back up to Ben Roethlisberger. Does Pete Carroll have someone that’ll keep the ship afloat if Russell Wilson goes down?

If your star quarterback gets hurt in week six, most teams will fail to make the playoffs. Look at the UW Badgers men’s basketball program after Bo Ryan stepped down, letting a successful coach go is very risky. Constantly poking at that successful coaches weaknesses, is irrational.

There’s a separation between sports and sports media. They’re two different entities. Those actually involved in the sport, want to be successful. Those on the outside, speculating as the media, also want to be successful. In the outrage climate, calling for coaches jobs, being highly critical of the ins and outs, pushes the media closer to their own personal job goals. Both parties, just want to make enough money to protect their family, and buy a nice, little spot somewhere. But really, they’re enemies.

That’s why when Marshawn Lynch doesn’t talk to the media, then retires and starts his own talk show, the media really goes after him as a man. The media is desperately trying to survive, and they need the compliance of the special talent they cover. Who doesn’t want to buy a steak for Sunday, right? At the end of the day, we’re watching sports regardless of what I, or anybody else writes. The sports ecosystem survives on its own, the media’s does not.

And I’m not saying every journalist or blogger is without morality, but they don’t have as good of a chance of buying that nice, little spot, eating real good on Sundays. Buyer beware and all that stuff, pushing outrage gives the wrong people the good life. The internet economy is like being a child with bad parents, if you want a burger with a slice of cheesecake for breakfast every morning, that’s what you’re going to get.



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